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Being Healthy In College

It is a difficult task to stay healthy in an environment such as a college campus. There is already the difficulty of eating healthy, but with college there are many added hurdles! These can include: no time, no kitchen facility (dorms), an increase of fast food and unhealthy restaurants, the lack of funds (because in college its okay to be broke). Due to these obstacles eating and staying healthy is unbelievably hard. Here are 10 tips that can help get you by:

1.Eat some sort of fresh fruit or vegetable every day.

2.Get to know what snacks are healthy; having little healthy snacks around or in your backpack will help you resist the urge to grab a scone from Starbucks.

3. Plan ahead, if you have a long day on campus pack a sandwich and an apple or whatever sounds good to get you through the day. 

4. Start experimenting with cooking. If you have a kitchen start trying to learn recipes that sound good and eventually start coming up with your own. 

5. Drink less soda! This is a really hard one for me because I love Sprite and root beer, but it is so bad for you and it is full of empty calories.

6. Give yourself a break. I can’t stress this enough! College is a stressful, fun, up-and-down kind of life and to expect to eat perfectly is insane. Do the best you can, but don’t make it the top priority. If you really want to order pizza, Chinese, or whatever strikes your fancy… do it! 

7. Try to make weekly goals, if you tell yourself on Sunday “I will not eat fries at all this week,” you are more likely to remember it and feel it is important. 

8. Get your friends involved, my roommates and I made a goal sheet and we like to cook for each other and workout together. It is easy to just do something as simple as playing Kinect just to get the blood flowing. 

9. Walk to class! Living in Indiana it does get cold and gross, but walking to class is the easiest way to stay healthy and in shape without feeling like you’re getting exercise (unless it’s raining, yuck… just take the bus).

10.Tell yourself every day, “I am beautiful,” don’t ever let being healthy turn into wanting to look better. If you don’t think you are beautiful no one else will be able to see it either. Stay positive no matter what!
Keep a look out for upcoming posts of recipes and work out routines, as well! 
Definitely check out my two favorite sites right now:
* blogilates.com – free workout videos 
* skinnytaste.com – amazingly delicious, easy, healthy recipes
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