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Are you “sus”? Here is What Your Among Us Character Says About You

If you have yet to play Among Us, just wait. After enough related Tik Toks pop up on your “for you” page, the inevitable day will come. You will download the game and probably play it far more than a healthy amount of times! For those who have yet to play, Among Us is an online game with a similar concept to that of the party game called Mafia. Within a party of 10 people there can be up to 3 impostors, people who can sabotage and kill other players. Anyone who is not an impostor is known as a crewmate and has the goal of completing tasks and identifying the impostor(s). One of the most exciting parts of the game is the ability to choose the color and hat that your wholesome little fluff ball of a character will wear. After playing too many games, I have found there to be trends in the personalities of the different characters. With that being said, here is what your Among Us appearance says about you!


Purple is “sus”. No doubt about it. Not even a cute hat could distract from that fact. If you choose to be purple, you are probably a taurus. You’re slightly hard-headed and are too good at lying. You probably get incredibly frustrated when you are falsely accused and exit the game as soon as you are ejected.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, yellow is almost always innocent. They are excited to complete tasks alongside others, are probably wearing a jack-o-lantern hat, and are the first to die. Yellow people will be the first to message “I told you!” after a round, because they will stick around for the entire game as a ghost.


Red only plays Among Us to find a significant other. They do not speak often, but when they do, they will be sure to give you their Snapchat username. They will stall outside of a room, give off “sus” vibes, yet never be the impostor.


 Black is the person who will flirt back with red, while wearing a beanie hat of course. Black is essential to the conversation of the party. As soon as they leave, everyone else trickles out as well.


Cyan is too vibrant to be “sus”. They usually complete tasks on their own, and always end up in the top three. Cyan people are heavy participants in the conversation, but do not get enough credit for their cheesy jokes.


Brown is usually one of the first to be killed by the impostor. I cannot recall one time that a party claimed brown to be “sus”. Brown is the last person to show up to the game and wears the brown bear ears to match their aesthetic.


Pink is like Elle Woods. Intelligent, flirty, and a magnet for attention. Pink can woo an entire party of people without speaking once. Their power is unlike any other. They are a common sidekick for tasks, and they love to be in the same place as everyone else.


Dark green, why are you always in security? You commonly die while watching the cameras. You know that you can watch people walk into the room, right? Your effort to be the watchdog is much appreciated, but maybe you should consider asking a pal to join you on your tasking adventures. You always look out for others but neglect your own safety at the same time.


Orange has a variety of personalities. They can either be sassy or the sweetest person in the room. There is no in-between. Their name probably does not make much sense. If orange is your go-to color, you are probably thriving during spooky season and have a Halloween Squishmallow sitting on your bed.


Dark blue loves to wear mohawks. They prefer to complete tasks on their own and will go to any extent to defend themselves throughout the game. They are usually among the first to be voted out yet are falsely accused of being the impostor.


For some reason, white and lime have extremely similar vibes. They are both confident, active in the game, and are usually the impostor. They are most likely to say, “If not him, vote me next”. They typically do not stay in the party long after dying, as they prefer to be in on the drama.


I hope that you were able to get a good chuckle from these descriptions.  It has been quite entertaining to see just how similar people can be, just based on their favorite color. If you felt that you could relate to the description provided for your Among Us appearance, please tell us on our Instagram @hercampuspurdue! Happy tasking!

Lauren Beck

Purdue '22

Lauren Beck is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in marketing. Originally from Bartlett, Illinois, Lauren loves to film YouTube videos, drink horchata and play Fortnite. You can follow her on Instagram @Sillysnorin
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