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All Too Well: The Short Film (I’m Not Crying, You Are)

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Okay, Swifties. We have officially ascended into another universe, one in which Taylor Swift not only makes iconic songs but now iconic SHORT FILMS. Yes, that’s right. Taylor Swift has spread her talents into the film universe, and as a swiftie, I am not okay. 

As many of you probably know, on November 12th, Taylor released her album, Red (Taylor’s Version) including seven never before heard songs from the vault. If you don’t know what that means, check out this article that explains why Taylor’s remaking her albums and why it matters. Along with nine from the vault tracks came the long awaited and never before heard 10 minute version of All Too Well. If you don’t know, All Too Well was released in 2012 as part of Red and has basically been the official swiftie anthem ever since. 

When almost a decade ago, Taylor told fans that the original version of the song she wrote was 10 minutes long, fans have long been hoping that Taylor would release it, but we could never have dreamed that it would actually happen, much less that it would be accompanied by a short film/music video starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. 

“I wrote and directed a short film based on the premise of the song All Too Well. So I cast Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien who are incredible actors in this short film and they could not have blown me away more. It was the most unbelievable experience working with people who are that prepared and committed. Just the chemistry between them is on another planet.” Taylor told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

As far as short films go for songs, the concept is relatively new. Although music videos have gotten more in depth over the years (Jay-Z’s Moonlight, Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More), we’ve yet to see a video fifteen minutes long featuring two mainstream, incredible actors. And personally, I hope the idea doesn’t die. Seeing a song come to life like that on screen, better than you could have pictured in your head, was magical. Especially seeing the characters of “Him” and “Her” come to life gave a new meaning and candor to the already heart-breaking song. 

Basically, the film tells the story of a relationship based on the premise of the song, which some fans have speculated is about Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor’s short-lived relationship back in 2010. The video follows their relationship from the happy beginning to the bitter end, with scenes like picturesque drives, passionate arguments and even being stood up on her 21st birthday (which falls perfectly in line with the Gyllenhaal timeline). Taylor even loosely splits the film into seven parts: “An Upstate Escape”, “The First Crack in the Glass”, “Are You Real?”, “The Breaking Point”, “The Reeling, “The Remembering”, and “Thirteen Years Gone”. It’s one hell of an emotional journey, and if you don’t cry while watching it, are you even human?

The video has already surpassed 16 million views on YouTube since it’s release yesterday night and is currently #1 on trending. I highly recommend cozying up with a box of tissues and watching it if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed. 

Hi! My name is Catie and I'm currently a freshmen studying speech-language pathology at Purdue University. In my free time, I enjoy reading a Sally Rooney book, watching The Office, or listening to T-swift.
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