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90s Kid Tastes 90s Candy For The First Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

My parents never let me have candy when I was younger, so when I noticed people were handing free 90s candies, I had to grab some. Here’s my thoughts: 

Push Pop

“Is it the push, is it the pop, is it the top?” These questions are asked in the Push Pop commercial. While I believe the candy is just as fun as the commercial, the packing is not very practical. I have to push the candy all of the way up for it to stay. It would have been more effective if I could twist out the candy, though I am not sure if “Twist Pop” has a ring to it. At least, I can put the lid on and save it for later. However, I am mostly disappointed that the clip did not grip onto my clothes like shown in the commercial.

Ring Pop

Ring Pop – It’s a lollipop without a stick! I like this one better than the Push Pop because I could wear it on my finger while I was typing my essay. Though after a while it did feel odd, because the blueberry flavor tasted like a blue Jolly Rancher, so I did not want my candy glued to a ring. A Jolly Rancher also would have been easier to eat, because having a candy on my finger can be distracting.

Baby Bottle Pop

I saved the best for last. The packaging is more practical than the Push Pop and the Ring Pop. Though it is strange how there is a powder that I can put on top of the lollipop. Why do I need sugar on top of sugar? It does make me feel sick knowing that I am consuming so much sugar and that says a lot coming from someone with a sweet tooth.

I had fun trying out all these candies, but I can see why my parents never let me have them. I don’t need any more sugar in my diet, but it is “sweet” turning a childhood dream into reality.



Sherry is a senior at Purdue University majoring in professional writing and minoring in film. She plans on becoming a content writer or a copywriter, though she is also keeping her options open. She enjoys Youtube, her cat, Paisley, makeup, and writing.
Danielle Wilkinson is an Atlanta native and currently a senior at Purdue University studying Mass Communication. She is the co-correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Purdue. She has written for several online and print publications in the past including The Purdue Exponent, The Tab, Society 19, Study Breaks Magazine and Voy Study Abroad. She loves traveling, shopping and everything entertainment, especially movies and TV, but 90s rom coms will always be her favorite. She hopes to move to California one day to pursue a career in marketing. In her free time, she loves YouTube, watching movies with her friends, working on her novel, drinking tea and reading books.