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The new year often brings a sense of possibility and opportunity for growth. As 2024 stretches out before us, full of potential, now is the perfect time to get clear on what you want to accomplish, attract, and experience. By following four simple manifesting steps, you can set the stage for your best year yet.

1. Reflecting on the past and building gratitude

Before rushing ahead into 2024, take some time to pause and reflect on the past year. What went well in 2023 that you’d like more of? What would you have liked to handle differently or improve upon? Get clear on your proudest moments, your core values, your passions, and your interests. Understanding where you’ve been helps inform where you hope to go next. Reflection provides invaluable insight.

2. Believe in what you can achieve and stop doubting anything.

Once you have reflected on 2023, it’s time to start building your belief and confidence for the year ahead. Set aside any self-doubt or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams and ambitions. Remind yourself regularly of everything you have accomplished so far, of your inherent talents and skills, of what makes you unique. Let go of perfectionism or comparison to others. Boldly embrace your worthiness to manifest the life you envision.

3. Envision your future as if it has already happened

With self-belief firmly in place, next spend time envisioning exactly what you hope 2024 has in store for you. What does your best year yet look and feel like? Get clear on the specifics – the opportunities, accomplishments, relationships, and fulfillment you wish to manifest. Make sure your vision feels true to who you are and what matters most to you. Enhance and energize this vision by making it as vivid as possible. The more detailed the image of your desired life, the more power you give it to become reality.

4. “I don’t chase, I attract. Whatever is meant for me will simply find me.”

Now comes the fun part – attracting rather than chasing all that you desire for 2024! This is where the magic happens. Instead of relentlessly pursuing your goals and dreams from a space of lack or frustration, adopt an energy of joyful allowing. Approach life with beginner’s luck, eagerly anticipating wonders unfolding. Spend time focusing happily on your vision for the year as if you already have achieved it. This vibrational frequency of abundance, gratitude, and alignment with your manifestations is what truly enables them to gravitate into your life with flow and ease.

By first reflecting, then boldly believing in yourself, creating a vibrant vision, and attracting rather than chasing your dreams, you set the stage for an incredible year of growth, fulfillment, and joy. Have fun manifesting your most abundant year yet in 2024 through the power of intention, self-confidence, and energetic alignment. The possibilities are truly endless once you know how to access them. Here’s to your best year yet!

Anaaya is student majoring in PR and strategic communications with a minor in psychology at purdue. She loves fashion, social media, photography, and is an aspiring digital creator on instagram. She is a sucker for mental health awareness and loves being an unpaid therapist. You can never go against her devouring love for The Weeknd, Drake, and Travis Scott.