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4 Gifts to Get Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and sometimes it can be hard to come up with gift ideas other than the classic bouquet of flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear. Don’t get me wrong, those gifts are great, but here are some options your special someone might also enjoy!

1. Stuffed animal bouquet

Plenty of websites sell bouquets made of stuffed animals! There are Sanrio bouquets, for example, that have Hello Kitty plushies and other Sanrio characters on them. Not only are they cute, but it’s something your Valentine’s date can keep for as long as they like!

2. a decorated picture frame

Who doesn’t love pictures with their loved one? But to make it even better? Frame your favorite picture of you two together and decorate it! Arts and crafts stores sell shadow boxes where you can put your photo inside and also put in flowers, things that have meaning to both of you, and gives you plenty of space to decorate! Or, you can buy a wooden picture frame and paint it yourself!

3. homemade meal

You don’t have to be the best chef to make a thought-filled meal! Personally, I love gifts that are homemade rather than expensive ones because it shows how much the person cares to put in time and effort into your gift! Cooking for or with your partner at home is a great way to bond together, and also makes for a great romantic dinner!

4. anything homemade

I love making gifts! It gives a lot of creative freedom, and lets you really express how much you love your partner. Some of my favorite DIY gift ideas are Polaroid wall art frames, jars filled with date ideas to pull, and scrapbooks!

Gifts don’t always have to be expensive and stressful, there are plenty of things you could find and make that would make your partner’s day! DIY gifts can save you money (we’re all struggling here on that college budget!) and can give you creative freedom to make whatever you want. Date ideas where you can really spend quality time with your partner and make good memories are a perfect idea too! Valentine’s day should be a time to really enjoy your special someone, not stress about what gifts to give or dates to plan, so hopefully these ideas help you out!

Hi! I'm Michelle, a junior at Purdue University studying Brain and Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Management. I'm from Orange County in sunny SoCal. Some of my hobbies include golfing, journaling, and singing!
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