3 Ways to Ace the Interview

Getting ready for interviews can be extremely stressful and and hard. No matter how many interviews I go through, every time I get nauseous and nervous. But over time, I've learned a couple of things to make the process a little bit easier and calmer. Here are three of my tips:

1. Dress Confidently

Find the outfit that makes you feel like a boss lady and take your time doing your makeup. Trust me how it makes you feel afterwards is worth taking the time to get ready. I've found that when I know I look good, there's a little bit more pep in my step. 

2. Deep breathingI try and get to my interview at least 10 minutes before so I can have more time to relax and calm my nerves. Something I have been trying a lot lately is taking long deep breaths, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. The more I do this and control my breathing, it's easier to get my nerves down. 

3. Pep Talks

Pep talks are a lot of fun and really helpful for reminding myself that I am interviewing for a reason. It also reaffirms my value and helps me believe more in myself. Just remember you are going to do amazing and anyone would be lucky to have you work for them. 

I hope my tips can help with preparing for your next interview.  Good luck and remember you can do this.