3 Of My Favorite Coffee Shops Around Campus

Over the past summer, I started to become an avid coffee drinker. I went from drinking no coffee and gagging everytime I drank it, to craving lattes everyday. My newfound addiction has led me to try and find the best place to re-energize around campus. Here are my favorite places to go: 



  1. 1. Fuel

    Fuel is definitely off the beaten path somewhat across the Engineering Mall on the eastern side of campus. It's located at 460 Northwestern Ave and is one of my favorite places to go. The coffee here is by far the strongest coffee I can find on campus and the prices reflect it. Fuel is on the pricier side, but if you’re looking for a big pick me up after pulling an all-nighter, I suggest going to get your coffee at Fuel. Trust me, after a cup at Fuel, staying awake in class gets easier.

  2. 2. Greyhouse

    By far the most popular coffee shop on campus is Greyhouse. You have to go at least one time before you graduate because their coffee, tea, crepes, and gelato are amazing. They offer a cool reusable cup program where you buy one of their reusable cups and each time you bring in your Greyhouse reusable cup, they replace the cup with a clean one and give you a 20 cent discount. If you bring in your own cup, you can still get the money off. Of course you can always get your coffee there and their coffee is pretty good. 

  3. 3. Vienna

    Vienna is an underrated coffee shop in comparison to Greyhouse. But the coffee is just as good. It’s also a great place to study with tons of room to studying or chat with friends. Pro-tip, if you don’t want a plastic cup from Vienna and you’re staying there, you can always get a cold drink in a mug. The best part of Vienna isn’t just the coffee, but the free soy milk. For me Vienna and Greyhouse are great to get in the middle of my day when I was feeling the most sluggish.

I love all three places for different reasons. Fuel for the strongest coffee that tastes good and gives me the energy I need for the day. Vienna and Greyhouse for when I'm feeling super sluggish in the middle of my day. If you go to any of these places, be sure to let us know by tweeting us or DMing us on Instagram.