3 Games to Play With Your Gamer Boyfriend

With my boyfriend being a CS major and wanting to potentially work within the game industry, the beginning of our relationship consisted of me waiting for him to finish up playing his games. There were multiple times where I would get insanely bored just waiting to spend time with no idea as to what was going on in his game.


I also must admit, there’s not a whole lot of things to do at Purdue. So instead of sitting doing nothing, we decided to try doing something he loves aka playing games. Over the course of almost three years, there are a couple of games I have grown to love playing with him. Here are three of our favorite games to play together that do not require a separate video game console.


  1. 1. Overcooked

    Overcooked is probably my all-time favorite game! Not only does it build perseverance to get three stars on all the levels, but it improves communication. A huge caution with this game, is that it is stressful and there will most likely be yelling at some point. But it’s a good time. Overcooked is a great game to whip out with a group of friends as well.


  2. 2. Don't Starve Together

    Don’t Starve Together is another game to build communication. But unlike Overcooked, it’s a little bit more laid back and doesn’t require both of you to play together all the time. This game is based on wilderness survival, where you and your significant other/ friends can build a “world” to survive in. Equipped with dangerous animals, landscapes, plants, and bugs, this game kept me on my toes.

  3. 3. Battle Block Theater

    Battle Block Theater is similar to Overcooked in the fact that you’re going through more of a storyline and there are multiple stages/levels that you have to work through. It’s a really cute game, where you play a character that gets shipwrecked on an island with a bunch of other people. While on this island, all the other characters get kidnapped by evil cute cats. Throughout the story line, you go through puzzles and free your friends.


My boyfriend and I have spent many a night playing these games, having fun, and getting closer together. Although these are games that I play with my boyfriend, they’re great games to play with friends as well.