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Just this last Monday the iHeartRadio Music Awards aired for the 8th consecutive year and I am here to discuss the outcomes of these awards. So, buckle up and get ready to get controversial!

If you follow my writing, you may have come to the conclusion that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. And with that assumption, I would say that you are correct, which is why I am elated that Taylor Swift won five awards last night. Swift walked away with trophies for “Song of the Year”, “Best Lyrics”, “Best Sample”, “Best Pop Album”, and “TikTok Bop of the Year”. While I feel that all of these awards were well deserved, some other award winners were controversial in my opinion. First up, and probably the thought on everyone’s mind, how did “Unholy” win “Best Collaboration”. Did we all forget how a few months ago we were all in awe of how disappointing this song was after the hype it got on TikTok??? The only ‘good’ part of the song was the chorus. So, tell me, how on earth did this collaboration beat out “You Right” by Doja Cat ft. The Weekend or “INDUSTRY BABY” by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow which were songs people actually enjoyed? I’m just saying!

This year’s “Best New Pop Artist” had a good number of qualified candidates running. While Jax was a decent winner, due to her female empowering hit, I have yet to see any other music by this artist. I personally would have chosen Dove Cameron as the winner due to her rising success and variety of good music released this year.

For the “Social Star Award”, I feel it defeats the point if I have to google the winner since I have never heard of them! Upon googling, I did realize who JVKE is but still, for a SOCIAL STAR winner, you would think you would know who they are. Regarding social media, as mentioned earlier, Taylor Swift won “TikTok Bop of the Year” with her hit “Bejeweled”. I think this is a wonderful win due to the trend started by Mikael Arellano. This trend got so big that Taylor Swift has even been doing it on her tour.

Overall, there were a number of well-deserved wins but like almost all award shows, there were some winners who were less than stellar for the category. So, who do you think deserved to win an iHeartRadio Music Award?

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