2019 Winter Must Haves

When it comes to winter, everybody has their own way of surviving the freezing cold and crazy winds.  Here are some of my favorite things that help me feel nice and warm while walking around in a winter wonderland.

  1. Timberland Boots

I am usually not one for brand names, but these boots (I have them in the blush pink) are my absolute must this winter.  Not only have I gotten so many compliments on the look, but these boots have also kept me from wiping out on icy sidewalks more times than I can count! The sticker price may be high, but these boots are going to stay in my wardrobe for many winters to come! 


  1. Beanies

Even Louis agrees that a good beanie can make or break your walk to class.  Whether it’s a stylish love your melon beanie or a beanie that shows your school spirit, any beanie is a good beanie!

  1. Lands End Insulated Aviator Jacket

I have had my Lands End Jacket for years, and it has stood the test of time.  On winter days when the temperature isn’t in the negatives but you definitely still need a jacket, I love donning this stylish jacket to and from class!  (Note: They no longer sell my exact jacket since I have had it for a few years, but this one seems comparable to what I have.)


  1. Long Socks

This may sound crazy, but prior to college I only had ankle socks!  Long socks are an easy way to add another layer to keep your feet warm and there are some great choices out there.  I recommended looking at Old Navy for some fun ones!

  1. Kleenex

Hopefully you aren’t blowing your nose because you didn’t get a rose but Kleenex is another, potentially obvious, necessity!  After my 15-minute walk to class in the cold, snow, and/or wind, I don’t want to be sniffling through class. I love the Kleenex travel packs, I leave a pack in my coat pocket and one in my backpack so I never go anywhere without them!

So whether you are already dreaming of spring break (aggressively raises hand) or you are obsessed with a snow-covered campus, these five things will hopefully help you love winter a little more. Or at least help you get to class without turning into Jack Frost!