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15 Tips to Having an Amazing Time Studying Abroad in London

Have you ever wanted to travel? Have you thought about studying abroad while here at Purdue? Three of our HCP writers took to London this summer and had the time of their lives.

If you want to study abroad in London, make sure to take note of these fifteen tips Nicolette believes will help you have the best experience possible.

1. Realize that you can never have enough pictures of historical buildings and monuments (i.e. Big Ben).

2. Know that although the red telephone booths appear cool, in all actuality they’re full of garbage and smell revolting.

3. Make sure one of your friends is very gifted at reading maps (Shout-out to HCP writer, Lexie Johnson).

4. Take a walk through Hyde Park.

5. Go on the London Eye, the view is incredible!

6. Buy the gelato…you know you want to.

7. Go to Stonehenge and then take the cliché picture in front of the rocks.

8. Fulfill (almost) your dream of attending Hogwarts and visit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Railway Station.

9. Visit the museums, even if you find the sculptures slightly disturbing.

10. Experience a classic English teatime.

11. Try and make at least one royal palace guard laugh.

12. Take a weekend trip to Ireland (and then try to find your very own Gerard Butler a la P.S. I Love You).

13. Experience the local beverages.

14. Carry an umbrella with you always. They don’t exaggerate when they say the U.K. is a rainy place.

15. Feel free to divulge in a classic American meal when you’re feeling a little homesick.

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