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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

With the events and negativity that surrounded this year, it can be difficult to think of some of your happy moments.  It can be tough to figure out what there is to be thankful for when the year has been filled with the pandemic, celebrity deaths, and environmental issues.  But it is still vital to take some time to reflect because it is important look at the good that has happened.

Here are some possible questions to ask yourself and activities to do:

  1. Look back on today.  Name one thing that made you smile! 
  2. Have you learned anything from this pandemic? Did you take up any new hobbies? Grown closer to your family? Find a new show to binge watch?
  3. Is there anything you are looking forward to?
  4. Look at some of your pictures before the pandemic happened. Are there any pictures of events that you enjoyed? What did you enjoy about them?
  5. Make a list of what makes your heart full.  You can even make a bullet journal spread or a scrapbook too!
  6. Is there anyone you know that could use some help right now? It could be a friend, your grandparents, or even a person you just run into while jogging outside or at the grocery store.
  7. Think of a time you were really struggling this year.  Who helped you get through it? Create a handwritten letter for them, give them a phone call, or shoot them a text to show your appreciation!
  8. Have a virtual Friendsgiving with your friends and tell each other what you are thankful for!
  9. Give someone a tight hug!
  10. Take a few deep breaths to thank yourself and your body for getting you through this year so far.  Do this whenever you need to feel grounded.

This list may sound simple, but it can set you in the right direction for the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving.  I always try my best to be thankful, but this year has most definitely tested my patience. I will undoubtedly be working on it and putting gratefulness into my daily routine. Let’s be grateful for what we have!

Public health student with a passion for words and making change. (She/Hers) IG: @tredzzzz