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Normajean Pfautsch

1. Hometown: Pearl River in Rockland County

2. Year and Major: Sophomore, undecided 

3. When I was little I wanted to be… A famous actress/dancer

4. Favorite Band: Incubus

5. In a partner, I look for… Honesty, sweet gestures, caring, being able to deal with my weirdness.

6. Bet you didn’t know… I’ve never swum in a lake! Ahhhh!

7. My favorite part of Purchase… is the talented people here and chill atmosphere

8. Hub, D-Hall, or Terra Ve? It depends on what I feel like eating, my mood and what time of day it is, I’m an oh so complicated person.

9. Outside of class, I like to…hang out with friends! Try out for plays and musicals, go shopping and snuggle up with some puppies and kittens on a hammock, you know, the usual.

10. Any scary finals coming up? I think it’s safe to say all of them! I’m never confident going into a final but I’m hoping for the best.

Gabriele is a sophomore journalism major. She attends SUNY Purchase College after transferring from SUNY Albany.
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