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Hashim Wright ’14

1. Hometown: New York City

2. Year and Major: Freshman – undeclared

3. When I was little I wanted to be…  A Doctor

4. Favorite Band: Orson

5. In a partner, I look for…  Someone who I can trust and be trusted by, someone who cares and someone who I can be friends with too.

6. Bet you didn’t know… I have six toes on one foot? Just kidding that was Marilyn Monroe. That I’m ridiculously near-sighted?

7. My favorite part of Purchase… The dance building, it’s soooooo warm. :)

8. Hub, D-Hall, or Terra Ve? The hub, it’s a love-hate relationship.

9. Outside of class, I like to… Make a general nuisance of myself.

10. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? Stuffing and/or candied yams hands down.

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