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Zach Flopped: Reaction to “The Bachelor’s” Finale

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Folks, we finally made it.

After months of suffering through watching season 27 of “The Bachelor,” we finally know how it ends.

If I had to use one word to define this season, it would be bland.

The drama was bland, the romance was bland and most of all, the bachelor himself, Zach Shallcross, was the blandest of them all.

But, after 11 episodes we learned that season front-runner Kaity did in fact win Shallcross’ heart— and the coveted Neil Lane engagement ring.

This is a bit of a big deal, as Shallcross is the first Bachelor to propose to his winner since Peter Webber’s season, which was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, I personally could not enjoy watching the proposal.

In fact, his breakup with runner up Gabi made it impossible for me to be happy for Shallcross and Kaity.

Gabi quickly became a fan favorite due to her quirky personality. Many found her expression of her anxiety and mental health to be refreshing and honest.

So, it was tough to see Gabi leave Thailand without her happy ending.

What made it even more gut-wrenching, however, is the way in which Gabi left.

Upon exiting the limo, Gabi made it clear that she knew Shallcross was not going to give her his final rose.

Gabi’s exit left “The Bachelor” fans— or Bachelor Nation, as they’re known— heartbroken.

Gabi’s appearance on After The Final Rose (AFR) made Bachelor Nation feel angry for her, as well as heartbroken.

While on AFR, Gabi expressed her anguish at the decision that Shallcross made to discuss their activities in the overnight date, especially after they agreed to keep it private.

“I get it sex sells,” Gabi said. “But now I’ve become a narrative.”

Shallcross did express regret for how he went about this, but it came off as insincere to me and other “Bachelor” fans.

He dragged this poor girl through the mud and his apology does not make up for the fact that he exposed Gabi’s intimate choices on national television for the everyone to scrutinize.

To add salt to the wound, he insisted that he did not string Gabi along. He emphasized that he did not know that Kaity would be his winner until after his final date with Gabi.

However, less than 30 minutes later Shallcross shot himself in the foot when he said he knew Kaity was the one after their final date.

ABC aired Kaity’s date first, then Gabi’s.

There is a possibility that ABC aired Kaity’s first when in reality her date was the final one. However, if that is not the case Shallcross’ sincerity is in question.

In my opinion, he knew Kaity was going to be his winner long before he claims. My heart goes out for Gabi after everything he has put her through.

I view this to be one of the worst “The Bachelor” season’s I’ve witnessed. Though there have been worse bachelors than Shallcross, his stint as the bachelor was really boring and most of the drama was a result of his actions.

In all honesty, Shallcross truly was the villan of his own story.

Chelsea Nakhleh is a sophomore at Penn State University studying digital print journalism.