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Your Relationship with Your Best Friend as Told by Dogs

There are few things in life that matter more to college women than our best friends and our most loyal feline companions. We all know true friendship is indescribable, but if man’s best friend were to describe the relationship with our best friends, here’s how I imagine it would go:


1.  The number one topic is food and when you will be eating next. 

2.  When you’re eating, you make sure to always share with each other.

3.  You plan your workout routine together and motivate each other to stick to it.

4.  She’s the only person you can go out with, and you couldn’t imagine being out with anyone else.

5.  You always coordinate outfits anytime you know pictures will be taken.

6.  You’re always winning competitions with each other.

7.  She’s the only one you would meet your favorite celebrities with.

8.  When you’re trying out a new look, she’s the first person you’ll show.

9.  When you see them from a distance and start running towards them.


10.  There’s no one else you would rather do absolutely nothing with.


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