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Women-Owned Businesses You Can Check Out at Your Local Target

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

March is Women’s History Month, so it is time to celebrate and lift up women by supporting them in any way possible. One of the best ways to show support and celebrate women is by buying from women-owned businesses. Whether it be food, games or makeup, every purchase supports the woman that brought it to you. To make it easier for everyone, here is a list of businesses that can be found at your local Target that are owned by women.

The Honey Pot Company

Honey Pot pads became popular after their natural ingredients and colorful packaging captured the eyes of women looking for an alternative to regular pads. These pads and other products offer items infused with essential oils to help with any smells and are made with plant-derived, cruelty-free materials. Not only is the Honey Pot Company a woman-owned business, but it is also a black-owned business.


With the tagline, “luxury skincare without the luxury price,” you can’t help but check it out. Cocokind offers all different kinds of skincare items from cleansers and moisturizers to sunscreen and face masks. On their website, they offer a quiz so you can figure out what products are right for your skin before you head to your local Target.

Hella Awkward

While not technically fully woman-owned, there is no less love put into this product than any other product on this list. The Hella Awkward game was created by a brother and sister duo during quarantine in 2020 after having tons of free time, like anyone else, and out of a love for playing games together. The game is all about asking unexpected questions to learn about your game partner(s) and bring you all closer to each other.


The founder, Poorvi Patodia, wanted to create snacks that were nutritious but would also fulfill that snacking mood you get in. After being inspired by the foods she had when she was younger, she created Biena. Biena features snacks that are packed with essential proteins and fibers, keeping you full for longer and made with simple ingredients. They make you think of grabbing a bag instead of going for potato chips.

Satya + Sage

Satya + Sage is another women and black-owned business started by Sonja-Haile who creates all of the scents from her own experiences. They offer candles that are all handmade and eco-friendly that bring good energy to your space and inspire self-care. On the website, it states that with each purchase a tree is planted, which is even more of a reason to buy one of their candles.

Agua Bonita

If you have always wanted fun and flavorful drinks without the fizz, this is the drink for you. Agua Bonita is completely plant-based, made with all real fruit, and comes in many fun flavors like Mango Habanero and Pineapple Cucumber. This business was also born during the time of quarantine and came from a love for the founder’s, Kayla Castañeda’s, Mexican heritage.

Little Words Project

“Just Be Nice” is what the Little Words Project is all about. The idea of the bracelet is that you wear it for yourself and then you pass it on, uplifting others with just a word or two. The beautiful bracelets come in many different colors, beads and words. You can even design your own. Passing it forward is what it is all about for Adriana Carrig, the founder, who hopes to inspire everyone to participate in spreading kindness.

Next time you take a trip to Target, keep your eye on women-owned businesses so you can show your support this Women’s History Month.

Sophia is a junior majoring in Public Relations at Penn State University. She loves watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with her friends.