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Why You Should Be Watching “Good Girls”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Where do I even begin with “Good Girls”? Well, first, it is a television series about good girls who do bad things for some quick cash. Secondly, I binge-watched two seasons on Netflix in four days – that is around five episodes a day! Thankfully, I haven’t had much schoolwork to do, because if I did, it wouldn’t have done it. I couldn’t stop watching and let me explain why.

The Strong Female Leads

These three women needed money for their families, and one of the fastest ways to get it was to rob a grocery store. Along the way, men keep getting in their way: a crime boss, a cheating husband, an FBI agent, and a terrible boss. However, these women do whatever it takes to make themselves thrive. Even if it’s not 100% legal.

The LGBTQ+ Representation

One of the lead characters, Annie, has a transgender son named Sadie. In the first season, Sadie identified himself with female pronouns, as he was trying to figure out his identity. In the second season, however, there is a heartwarming moment where he tells Annie that he identifies himself as a boy. From that moment on, everyone uses male pronouns to address him. The icing on the cake is that a transgender male actor plays Sadie.

The Cliffhangers

The ending of every episode had me on my toes. I never knew what was going to happen next, and I loved it. There are amazing scene cuts throughout the episodes that grab your attention and don’t let go.

The Acting

The cast of “Good Girls” is mind-blowing. There are completely sickening characters that are portrayed so well, it makes my jaw drop. No matter how small a part is, it is played to perfection. The scenes are incredibly real and very raw because of how great the acting is.

The Chemistry

The chemistry between Beth, Ruby, and Annie is on point. They have been friends for 15 years, and you can see it in how they interact with each other. The chemistry between Beth and the crime boss, Rio… oh boy.

Hopefully, I have caught your attention, and you’ll watch “Good Girls”. Seriously, there’s no way you could regret it. The first two seasons are on Netflix and have 10 and 13 episodes in that order. You’ll probably watch them as fast as I did.

A PSU junior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Digital Media Trends and Analytics who has an impressive skill of quoting any Parks and Rec episode word for word.
Allie Bausinger is a Penn State University graduate who majored in Print/Digital Journalism with a minor in English. She is from "outside Philadelphia," which in her case is Yardley, Pennsylvania. Allie is looking for full-time employment in writing, editing, fact-checking, podcasting, and other areas of the journalism and writing fields.