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Everyone knows the beauty community is laden with drama. Who did James Charles subtweet? Is Morphe dropping a new line, or are they dropping their new spokesperson? Is Kylie Jenner gonna drop some pigmented shades, or just keep dropping duped Colourpop chalk as eyeshadow and blush (BTW, stop buying her stuff, it’s overpriced)? 


Frankly, I don’t care. 


I’ve kept up with about 60 percent of the beauty community’s drama over the years; I know the James Charles controversy, I know Jeffrey Star’s controversy (seriously, stop giving this man your money!) and I know all about Tati Westbrook. 


But honestly, who cares. Who cares what some privileged people in the community have to say about one another. I’ve been doing my makeup for over half a decade, and I love it and helping others with my best tips and tricks. But, the beauty community is better than the drama some of its patrons have to offer. 


For me, makeup is an escape. I like putting on exaggerated eyelashes and filling my brows in so I can feel glammed up. But, I don’t like the connotation beauty has been given recently. 


I think that beauty is for everyone. Makeup is for everyone. And one of my hopes for 2021 is that the petty nonsense of wild influencers ends, and people get back to what makes the beauty community so great. It’s a great place online to find new tutorials, new reviews, and new looks to explore. It shouldn’t be more than that. 


When I say I like makeup, people immediately ask me my latest take on the latest beauty drama. Honestly, I have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time. Unless I’m looking up some new way to do a smokey eye (because having hooded eyes ruins most eyeshadow looks, let’s be honest), I don’t keep up to date with the latest beauty guru drama. 


Why? Because it’s just not worth the time or effort to track. 


Everyone loves drama, I know. But is it that necessary to give attention to? Seriously, who cares what beauty guru said what about who? That’s not why most of us get into the world of beauty. Most of us want to learn; we want to improve our skills or learn which is the best product or technique for our skin tones and textures. 


I honestly think that all the drama just distracts from the main purpose of the world of beauty and makeup, which is to inform and entertain. Why waste time with anything else?

I am a Public Relations major at the Pennsylvania State University. When I'm not writing for Her Campus, I enjoy watching the Office and volunteering at my local animal shelters.
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