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Why I’ve Stopped New Years Resolutions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Every year, people talk about their New Year’s resolutions. They are resolutions to get skinnier, go on a diet, etc. Most of the resolutions I hear focus on changing your look to fit better into society and to look like a celebrity or model; they seem to focus on growth for acceptance.

Resolutions are usually hard to achieve and unrealistic.

Of course, New Year’s resolutions can be achievable and helpful. I can make a resolution to study more and in return, get better grades and be happier with my work.

For me, chances are I will forget about my resolution by February and then be disappointed in December when I realize I did not follow through. Dropping a New Year’s resolution always makes me feel like a failure, I did not try as much as others, then convince myself I have no motivation and need to make even more drastic changes in the new year.

Not to mention the idea of needing to change yourself in the new year and become a better version can be very harmful and lead to a lack of self-appreciation.

When I’ve tried to create a New Year’s resolution, my mind immediately went to criticisms I have about myself and a cycle of self-depreciation. I wanted to fix everything I thought was wrong with me so I was more like the perfect celebrities and social media influencers. I was able to hold back and create smaller resolutions that did not make me feel bad, but the thoughts were still there.

I’ve given up on making a resolution in the last two years, although my resolutions in the past were smaller as mentioned such as to read more or eat more fruit — nothing too extreme.

This year, I’m bringing back a New Year’s resolution, but in a new form. I’m focusing on making a 2023 vision board.

I’ve heard of vision boards before but didn’t really understand them and tossed them aside. But a few days ago, I saw TikToks of people who compared their 2022 vision board to their year and I was determined to make one.


here’s your sign to manifest your dream life 🧿 #fypシ #manifesting #visionboard

♬ original sound – The Boss Wives

The vision boards were filled with photos that the creator wanted to replicate in their life and how they wanted their year to go. The photos were as simple as a bowl of strawberries and then was compared to a photo the creator took of fruit they ate this year. It focused on how they wanted everyday life to look for them, and a way to create smaller goals.

My vision board so far has consisted of quotes I want to live by towards this year, healthier food I want to focus on eating, photos of trees on walks to go out more and, of course, some photos of studying so I can have a successful semester at Penn State.

The vision board allows me to highlight the goals I can achieve this year to bring me motivation and gratitude. It is filled with things I already enjoy and want to do more of, images that I know I can replicate, do myself and will feel better doing.

If you were looking for a sign to ditch New Year’s resolutions, this is it! Just live your year and see where it takes you or create a vision board for motivation of what you know you will do to see your goals come true.

Ashley is a freshman at Penn State University majoring in broadcast journalism. In her free time, she loves reading, watching premier league football, obsessing over Harry Styles, and proclaiming her love for Saquon Barkley.