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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Over the years, I’ve really struggled to connect with a hobby. I’ve never been good at art, I don’t have the patience for sewing or knitting, picking up an instrument is a tad too tricky and I am definitely not an athlete.

I’ve always liked reading and writing, but I wanted to pick up something new and interesting to do in my free time. As much as I’d love to spend time away from my computer, I’ve found a true passion for digital media and content creation.

The cool thing about digital media is that it can be whatever you want. I can spend my free time editing short films, working on DSLR photography or learning the intricacies of Photoshop.

I’ve found that no matter what I dedicate my time to, I’m always happy with the end result.

It all started for me in the eighth grade.

The iPhone 6S had just come out, and Apple hyped up the new and improved camera. It was then that I started my “career” in photography. I began posting my pictures on Instagram, and I gained a pretty decent following at first.

Were those pictures good? Eh, they were okay, but it didn’t matter. I had fun running my account and sharing my creativity. I actually still use the same account to this day.

My iPhone-ography days came to a swift end when my parents bought me a Canon for Christmas in 2017. I took the time to research and experiment. My content improved over time, and I was so happy with my work.

In high school, I began photographing for my yearbook and I was able to share my pictures with my peers and their parents. I was even booked for a few senior picture sessions!

I continued to dive into the world of digital media. In my sophomore year of high school, I took a multimedia class where I learned Photoshop, iMovie, Premiere and more. I had a newfound fondness for videography and cinematography, so I began making little montages for my socials as well.

Ever since I started college, I haven’t been able to take on full-fledged creative projects like I used to. Instead, I’ve started to make digital collages for my socials. I usually use them as my phone’s screensaver. Believe it or not, it works as a great conversation starter and is such a cute way to spice up your phone. I also love virtual collaging because it is super sustainable! Instead of printing out my pictures, I am able to save them forever on my phone.

I continue to capture memories on my iPhone, Canon Rebel EOS T6 and Akaso Brave 6. At the end of each summer or school year, I make fun videos, collages and edits to remember each and every little occasion.

They might not be the greatest quality, but they make me smile. I still look back on my montages on YouTube from high school and enjoy seeing my progress.

Shameless plug, but if you’re interested in starting up your own digital media account, you can check out my content at macy.jpeg on Instagram or Macy Miskiewicz on YouTube. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re interested in being crafty without the waste associated. With that being said, go get creative!

Macy is a Pittsburgh, PA native with a passion for reading, writing, tree-hugging and music. She is pursuing a major in Biobehavioral Health, while double minoring in English and Sustainability Leadership on the Humanities Track. Outside of Her Campus, Macy spends her time with her golden retrievers and her camera.