Why I’m Choosing Not To Support Olivia Jade Anymore

Olivia Jade, YouTube star and daughter to actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, is among the many students involved in the celebrity college scandal.

When I first heard of this news, I was shocked.

As someone who watched Olivia Jade’s videos regularly, I looked up to her as a young women my age who was both successful and smart, as she was a freshman at University of Southern California.

I was wrong though, and her family’s part in the scandal completely changed my opinion of her as an influencer and as a person.

Loughlin and Giannulli paid USC officials to have their daughters, Olivia Jade and her older sister Isabella Rose Giannulli, as crew teams recruits. This secured their spots at the university as “athletes” because their grades were not good enough for the regular admission process.

To me, the worst part about this whole scandal was that they took spots from a more deserving athlete. Someone who has trained their whole life to be able to go to a school like USC and be a part of a crew team was not able to because of their family. They took that opportunity away for their own personal gain.

Though it hasn't been confirmed whether Olivia Jade was aware of her parents actions, I find it hard to believe that she had no idea whatsoever. Though it is more so her parents' fault, both legally and morally, she has to be held somewhat accountable as well, morally at least.

That’s why I’m choosing not to watch her videos on her YouTube channel with 1.9 million subscribers or follow any of her social media any longer. From an ethical standpoint, I can't simply get over the lie Olivia Jade lived in and be able connect with her and her videos the way I used to.

I do hope that Olivia Jade and her family reflect and heal from their actions and what the consequences will ultimately bring them. Either way I will not be continuing to support Olivia Jade in her YouTube career.