Why I Decided to Make a Vision Board

I graduate in May, and, to say the least, I am terrified. I do not know where I’ll end up, or if I’ll even get a job in my field. These are normal fears, I know, but I am sick of them consuming me 24/7. 


The other day, I got a magazine in the mail, and I just thought it would be fun to cut out cute sayings to hang up on a bulletin board in my room (I was in a DIY mood). Before I knew it, I was feeling so calm. The simplistic act of cutting out images and sayings that resonated with me made me feel less anxious. 


I didn’t start out with the idea of a vision board, but as I kept cutting out words and other pictures that meant something to me, personally, I ultimately realized that that’s what I was doing. 


My vision board is a work in progress. I don’t know when it will be finished, if ever. I plan on attaching anything and everything that motivates me -- not only in a professional sense -- but in my personal life, as well. As I continue to grow, so will my vision board. 


I’m really excited about this new project, because, as silly as it may sound, it truly does give me hope. It is a great way to release built-up energy and emotion. Think of it as a journal, but a journal that you want everyone to see. 


Sometimes, the future may seem like a daunting force that looms over you. A vision board is a healthy way to gather your thoughts, priorities and goals, making whatever comes next less scary.


Alexa, play “Watch Me Shine” from Legally Blonde.