Why I Call My Mom Everyday

I always love to see the look on people’s faces when I tell them I’ve already talked to my mom today and its only noon. Sometimes, three times a day.

My first day of college, I called her crying almost every hour. I didn’t have any friends or plans or sense of direction on such a big campus. I mostly called her to rant, which I now feel awful about because she probably had something to say as well during that 30 minutes.

I don’t really understand why people think it is weird to call your mom every day. I guess they just don’t have mine. My mom is said to be the ‘cool, trendy mom.’ She can rock a jean jacket and skinny jeans better than I can. She is the best when it comes to a quick phone call as I’m leaving my dorm of, “can I send you a picture of my outfit, and you can tell me if this matches?” She is also the best with calming me down if I’m stressed or need to make a quick decision and only have two minutes to make it.

She always picks up the phone and if she doesn’t she always sends me a text that reads, “one minute and I’ll call you.” She is easily the best part of my hike across campus. I love hearing about her day and I love telling her about mine.

I feel sorry for the kids that don’t have my mom. She is easily one of my best and favorite people on this planet and she is the person I can be the most selfish with and if I need to talk about myself for 20 minutes, she is the one to call. Especially in college being so far away from home, sometimes you need the comfort of your mom on the other line.

I’m glad the days of me crying on the phone to my mom are over and now it’s more of “I can’t wait to tell my mom this” or “I can’t wait to hear that story,” or for always keeping me in the loop of the latest town gossip. I feel the most content when I’m talking to her about my day and I hope she feels the same.

Thanks for always picking up the phone mom, I love you.