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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Fall is a season that holds a special place in many of our hearts. It is a season that many of us find joy and pure happiness in.

Whether it is the pumpkin spice lattes, the football, the halloween activities or thanksgiving, we all have something that we look forward to when the end of summer rolls around. Specifically for a lot of us, that special thing is fall fashion

In the beginning of this autumn season when the leaves began to turn, I thought to myself, why is fall fashion unlike anything else? My pondering came to a halt when I drew a simple conclusion — accessories.

A counter argument could be that there are special accessories for every season. While this is a valid statement, I think many would agree with me that fall weather brings a different kind of variety and opportunity when it comes to accessorizing your fall outfit. These are some of the accessories that can amp up any outfit, especially in fall fashion. 


I believe there is a lot of variety in fall fashion, and this first accessory is a perfect example of that. In the fall, it hasn’t reached a painful winter cold yet so we are not required to gravitate to the options that will keep us the warmest.

In the fall we have loads of options to accessorize with a hat. From pom pom hats to sheek brown fedoras, a black baker boy hat or faux fur bucket hats, there are so many options. And of course, we can never go wrong with a Carhartt beanie.


I couldn’t even wait until the second point to talk about shoes. The variation of shoes to wear in the fall is so diverse.

In my opinion, fall is the season of shoes. Winter leads us to dig out those not-so fashionable snow boots, while summer is the season of sandals and sneakers. I feel we all can agree that spring is the season without a heavy aesthetic. It takes on more of a “throw on what feels right that day” mindset.

To be short and sweet, the shoe collection of fall includes booties, tall boots, fashionable sneakers, Doc Martens and even some sandal heels.


Another key element of fall fashion is layers. Outfits are much more interesting when you can add more dimension, and cardigans and sweaters are the absolute easiest way to execute this.

You can bring more color to the outfit or even neutralize a colorful outfit with the addition of a new layer. One of the fastest ways to elevate the look is matching by your cardigan, flannel, sweater or turtleneck to your shoes or purse.

In the fall, you have wiggle room to dress up or down outfits by utilizing jackets. The opportunities are endless, as is the theme of fall fashion. 


These two are pretty cohesive. Bandanas and scarves are chic and have the ability to amplify any outfit for classy events.

When I reference bandanas, I don’t exactly mean the single color ones with classic prints. While those can definitely be worked into outfits, there are so many other prints and styles available. They can be tied around your head, utilized as belts or tied around belt loops and purses.

Scarves are very similar and while they are not as trendy as they used to be, they can still be very cute. Infinity scarfs used to be all the rage circa 2016. So, if you are looking for a scarf to spice up an outfit, look for a scarf that is not as chunky. Bonus points if it matches another accessory!


Of course, saving the debatably best for last, jewelry is a go-to accessory for any season. While silver and gold are normally something that is chosen based on skin tone, individual preference and what matches the outfit, gold jewelry looks amazing in the fall.

Gold brings out the warmth in the outfit. Yet, both can obviously work in many cases.

In the summer, we tend to reach for dainty jewelry. But, when fall comes around it is our moment to bring out some bold pieces that pair with sweaters. It is easy to go overboard though, so tread this style with caution.

It never is too early to begin planning ahead for upcoming fashion trends. If anything, this article will give you something to look forward to!

A second-year student studying Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design, from the suburbs outside of Philly. She is passionate about art and fashion, and loves spending time on campus drinking coffee, listening to music, and making memories with friends.