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Picture this. You’re curled up with your favorite book; maybe in bed, at a coffee shop, or the coziest nook in the library. You’re immersed in each page, thinking of nothing but the words before you. You couldn’t be distracted even if you wanted to. What are you reading? Is it your favorite comfort book that you find yourself grabbing over and over again, regardless of how many times you’ve read it? Or maybe something new and suspenseful, romantic and erotic, or imaginative and insightful? Think of the books you reach for, the ones you know you’ll be satisfied by almost every single time. 

What genre do you find yourself drawn to? Maybe a horror or mystery book reels you in. You’re unable to stop yourself from turning page after page, sitting on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next. Or a romantic novel that makes your toes tingle and stomach flutter in a wonderful array of butterflies and heartfelt surprises. What about a fantasy that whisks you away to a fictional land and challenges your imagination every time you turn the page? Or maybe you crave nonfiction, such as a riveting biography or informative story packed with history and new ideas that expand your mind. Even if you really love to dabble in a multitude of genres, you probably still have a go-to that always scratches your itch for a captivating page-turner. 

Whatever your favorite genre is, it’s likely that you have a few things in common with your fellow readers. If you want to know what that is, stick around to find out what your book genre says about you. And hey, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a bookworm, maybe you can sneak a peek at this list to see what kind of book would complement your personality. You might just find your new favorite read! 


If your genre of choice is something scary or mysterious, you definitely love a little action in your life. You’d much rather go on an unpredictable adventure than sit at home all night, and you probably love all things spooky! Your friends might even think of you as a bit cynical at times, because you can’t seem to get enough of creepy stories, horror movies, and dissecting the unknown. Your podcast of choice is probably some type of crime show, and you’ve been known to watch The Conjuring alone with all the lights off. 

You get a sick kind of thrill when reading something dark and twisted, and to you, the scarier the better! These books are truly the best kind of page-turner to you, and you might even find yourself a little bored at the romantic storyline on the side. Don’t worry, I’m with you girl-give me all the suspense!


Bottom-line, you are absolutely a hopeless romantic! You would love nothing more than to curl up in bed on a Friday night with a forbidden lovers type of read, or maybe even an expected, yet unexpected, enemies-to-lovers storyline. Your friends might describe you as chronically single, but the fulfillment you get from a good romance novel is often enough to satisfy your relationship cravings. Or maybe you find yourself picturing a certain someone as the main character’s lover (shhh..I won’t tell if you won’t)!

You often find yourself daydreaming during class, or coming up with romantic scenarios in your head as you fall asleep. You might even feel a little let down when you do talk to members of your preferred sex, because the fictional version is just SO much more satisfying than the real thing. But don’t worry, your storybook ending is waiting for you; there has to be someone else with equally high expectations for a love story! 


Those who reach for a fantasy read time and time again have the imagination capabilities of a young child. In fact, you were probably the best at playing pretend when you were young, and may have even felt that your toys had a better time when you got to control the storyline! I bet you even read every Harry Potter book cover to cover at an exceptionally young age. The craziest adventures you’ve ever had are in your own mind, and they likely top anything that you could experience in this world. 

Your mind is one that many people do not understand, and you tend to think well beyond what is known. Sometimes, your friends may not fully understand your crazy ideas and imaginative inquiries, but it’s only because this type of unique mind is a rarity. Never stop dreaming and creating with that beautiful brain, it can move mountains! 


While some may find non-fiction boring or unimaginative, you know it’s actually quite the opposite! Immersing yourself in all that this world has to offer is far more interesting to you than fiction; this stuff is happening in real life! You tend to be extremely observant and crave new insight about the world around you. You’re probably also read-up on everyday news and events, and are either overly passionate about politics, history, or both. 

You’re likely the type of person that knows a little bit about a lot, and your friends tend to count on you for always knowing random facts and tidbits about, well, pretty much anything! Not only are you well versed in worldly events, but you also feel compelled to share this knowledge with others. We love a queen who educates their friends! You’re definitely the smartypants of the group and we love you for it! You also know how to have fun and let loose because let’s face it, we all need a break from the things of this world! 

As accurate as some of these evaluations may have been, we could all expand our horizons and check out a new genre every once in a while! If you’re not a big reader, maybe you can find something you never thought to explore. Or maybe you’re happy with your genre of choice and you’ll remain loyal to it! Wherever you fit into this evaluation, keep reading, keep expanding your mind, and keep doing the things you love.

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