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What is the “Vanilla Girl” Aesthetic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

While scrolling through TikTok over the past year, there have been a lot of different aesthetics that have been emerging amongst women’s fashion. Things like “clean girl,” “downtown girl” and more have shown up on my feed numerous amounts of times.

One that has recently stood out to me, though, is the “vanilla girl” aesthetic because of how chic, yet simple it comes across. It includes things like vanilla scented products or other high-end skincare, light neutral colors for clothing (a lot of whites and beiges) and a glossy look all around.

The pictures that depict this trend can be best described in my eyes as soft and sweet. I feel like, overall, this is the “clean girl” aesthetic’s sister. The vibes are very similar, but this has a heavier focus on clothing in my opinion.

Although it can be seen as similar to the “clean girl” aesthetic from earlier in 2022, people that have taken on this trend have made strides to make it more affordable and inclusive for everyone. The “clean girl” aesthetic received backlash for being unattainable for those who do not have money to spend on a new wardrobe and beauty products.

Some people on TikTok have also claimed that the “clean girl” aesthetic was made particularly for “white skinny girls,” due to the different perceptions some people have of different looks on women. However, since the new “vanilla girl” aesthetic does not focus on the looks of someone, but just the products and clothes used to complete the look, it is more inclusive overall.

How to achieve the look

Some staples that I have seen from this trend include: Ralph Lauren sweaters (or really any light neutral-colored sweater), fuzzy earmuffs, Uggs Tasman slippers or anything that resembles them, light-colored scarves and hats and more. Essentially anything that is a neutral and light tone that still comes across as fashionable is perfect to follow this trend.

slip silk

Silk sheets, pillowcases and pajamas are also a part of this fashion movement.

In the jewelry department, any simplistic pearls work well and gold jewelry is, of course, the go-to.

As for skincare products, Glossier products seem to be popular to achieve the aesthetic, as well as Laneige, Olaplex and Drunk Elephant products.

Finally, candles and perfumes that have vanilla in the scent complete the aesthetic, because how could you be a vanilla girl and not smell like vanilla?

This link connects to an Amazon storefront that shows a lot of different options people can purchase in order to embrace this aesthetic and be a true “vanilla girl”: https://a.co/dE6DVxg

I honestly really enjoy the look of this aesthetic. It’s preppy, but still comfortable and anyone is capable of executing it well. The comfy look is exactly what people need in order to still feel like themselves and match this trend if that is what they desire. It is overall an easy way to stay “with the times.” After looking more into what this aesthetic actually is, I think I’ve determined what my vibe for 2023 is going to be.

Shannon is a junior from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in sports studies. She loves La La Land, rom-coms, and the music industry (Taylor Swift). Follow her on Twitter @shantanczos!