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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Doing your makeup and getting ready is such a fun part of the day, whether it’s grabbing lunch with friends, going out at night or just doing everyday makeup. 

I am easily influenced, as are others, especially in the makeup world. It has never been my strong suit and is something I do not know much about.

Therefore, I am constantly scrolling on TikTok watching “get ready with me” videos. Alix Earle could influence me with a five second clip of a product.

Aside from influencers’ videos, I look up to my roommates and my sister for inspiration. I also look at products that are popular now at Sephora or Ulta. 

As someone who has followed trends, here is what is in my makeup bag. 

First, a controversial take: I do not like the Rare Beauty liquid blush. I wish I loved it, but it gave me a rash, and I have been too scared to try her other products even though they look amazing and have a lot of excellent reviews. 

On the other hand, my roommate loves Rare Beauty products and only has good experiences with it. 

Elf Power Grip Primer has become a staple in my makeup bag. Since it has a tacky consistency, I feel it has held my makeup much longer than other primers I’ve used.

Another primer I’ve used is Benefit Cosmetics, The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Primer. It worked well, but after a long day of wear, my makeup seemed to slide or slip, so it was not worth it for me. I liked it but didn’t love it, so I ended up not buying another tube. 

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer has been my go-to concealer for the last couple of years. It lasts so long — I use it as a foundation sometimes because I like it. 

Pixi On-the-Glow Blush is another product I was influenced to buy, and it has turned out to be my go-to. It adds vibrant color with a fun glow that almost takes the place of a highlight, depending on the situation. 

Another Pixi product I like is their On-the-Glow Bronze Tinted Moisture Stick. It adds a dewy glow to the bronzer and gives my summer makeup routine a summery vibe. 

My tried and actual everyday mascara is Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. It has been my mascara for years and has never failed me. There are always at least two tubes of this in my makeup bag. 

Honestly, I have been using the same palette for so long when it comes to eye shadow. It is some random Too Faced neutral palette. I also have their pineapple palette that is definitely expired and I shouldn’t use it on my face anymore, but it’s not out of product yet. 

I use eye shadow for eyeliner, I am not good at liquid eyeliner and that has not been in my makeup bag since freshman year of high school. 

As for powder, I have used Clinique Blended Face Powder, and I love it. I just ran out of it, so I am currently using Elf’s Halo Glow Loose Setting Powder. I would love to try the Halo Glow foundation, but it is never in stock. 

The beauty blender I use is the Paw Paw wonder blender. They are so soft and come in a pack of six. They blend my makeup well, and I have never had an issue. 

Maybe this list of products in my makeup bag will influence you, or perhaps you’ve already been influenced and have these products. 

I am nowhere near a makeup girl and will continue to be influenced by someone else who knows more about every product I buy.

Olivia Pettyjohn is a fourth-year journalism major at Penn State, planning to graduate in 2024.