VALLEY Fall 2019: Business Director Tells it All

On November 7, VALLEY Magazine had its Launch Party for the fall 2019 semester. With the 24th edition, VALLEY is the only student-run publication at Penn State, featuring content about fashion, beauty and much more.

The event, which took place in 3-Dots, was - once again - incredible. Combining cute decorations, great music, and unbelievable fashion outfits, VALLEY certainly did not hold back. The fashion show, with amazing models who captivated everyone's attention as they walked on the runway, and the photographers made everyone feel like they were on the set of Sex and the City. Simply flawless. 

After the event, I had the opportunity to speak to Camila Oliani Bertagni, VALLEY's Business Director. Here is what she had to say about VALLEY Magazine and the Fall 2019 Launch Party: 

What is your favorite thing about VALLEY magazine?

"My favorite thing about VALLEY is the community, where each member gets to use their unique talents to create one incredible product. I am constantly inspired by everyone's creative outlook within the magazine. There is nothing cooler than holding the finished product and seeing everyone's hard work come to life."

How was the preparation for the Fall 2019 Launch Party?

"It was a lot of fun but also a lot of hard work. We thankfully had the venue set since the beginning of the semester. The most exciting part was coming up with the concept for the launch, everything from decorations, to music, to the fashion show. We had the incredible opportunity to work with Penn State's Fashion Society, where we partnered with them to get models for the fashion show."

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in joining VALLEY?

"I would recommend that when applying, come with fresh new ideas. We love people who have a vision and are willing to work towards that. It's all about being creative and getting to work as a team to create an incredible product. Therefore, have fun with your applications and show your personality. VALLEY's applications for the business division are going to go live November 11 on the website, and Editorial division will have tryouts start of the Spring semester." 

VALLEY will be distributing its 24th edition on campus from November 18 - November 22. Don't miss it, collegiettes!