This Is Us Moments That Gave Us Emotions We Didn’t Know We Had

After Sunday’s episode finally revealed Jack’s untimely and heart-wrenching death, This Is Us fans were left either crying or unable to cry from shock (but then cried after it wore off.) It’s been a while since we found out that Jack would die while the triplets were teenagers, but as we gathered more details about their lives, the more we wanted to avoid seeing it happen. This whole season has been a roller coaster with happy, sad, and just shocking moments leaving us in puddles on the ground. After sifting through these intense ups and downs, here are some of our favorite moments that gave us feels we didn’t know we even had:


Happy Moments


1. Toby announcing Kate’s pregnancy



2. Finding out how Tess got her name


3. Watching Jack record Kate singing 

4. Finding out the Pearsons’ connection to Sylvester Stallone


5. When Sophie helped Kevin finish filming The Manny


6. When Annie sat William down and gave him some sound advice


7. Rebecca talking to Tess shortly after she’s born, as she did with Randall


8. When Toby gets Kate’s VCR tape fixed (then pretends to drop it, in typical Toby fashion)





Sad Moments


1. When Kevin finally lets it all out on Charlotte’s lawn


 2. When things fall apart with Sophie – again


 3. Kevin’s therapy session with the family


4. When Jack decides to start his own company...but we knew it wouldn’t matter


5. When Kevin finally visits Jack’s tree


6. Randall and Beth saying goodbye to Deja


7. When Kate loses the baby 

8. Jack’s death (obviously) and the different pieces that led up to it:


9. Seeing the burned house for the first time

  • Realizing what the batteries were needed for


  • When Jack’s note to Kevin burns up, and the last words between them were not ideal

  • When Jack went back inside to get the dog


  • When he made it out alive, and we thought everything was fine…

  • ...and then when Rebecca found out

  • ...and when she had to tell the kids

  • ...and when Kate had to tell Kevin


Purely Shocking Moments


1. When we found out Jack had a brother


2. When we get a glimpse into Tess’s future


3. When William is about to relapse, but he opens the door to find Randall

4. When we discovered that the judges from William’s and the Pearsons’ cases were friends


5. Deja making a surprise return to the Pearson house


6. When we found out how Rebecca reconnected with Miguel



This Is Us airs at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights on NBC.