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TV Shows That Hold a Special Place in My Heart

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

As a young and proud member of Generation Z, I spent a lot of my childhood watching TV. 

It came to the point where I believed myself to be a connoisseur of television, even having a complete list of every TV show in a detailed list. 

Whether it be a limited series or a 14-season-long show, I was watching it. In doing so, I created emotional ties with several titles throughout the years. 

Here is my short list of shows that may have made me cry tears of joy or sadness as a tween in 2013, in no particular order. 

“How I Met Your Mother”

This show will forever be my favorite TV show of all time. Not only is the cast stellar, but the storyline will throw you for an emotional loop. 

Although it features episodes of the filler variety, there are so many pure scenes that I think about daily. The writing, although meant for comedy, has so many golden moments. 

I am so dedicated to making my friends and family watch it and I will never not recommend it. 

“New Girl”

I started watching New Girl when I was in high school and I haven’t stopped since. It is on a constant loop in my life and I have infiltrated my roommate’s rotation as well. 

You will not enter our home without the TV being on and New Girl being blasted. 

The emotional bonds between my roommates and me and this show are unbreakable and will be forever quoted after graduation and beyond. 

“The Office” 

This was one of the first “real” shows I watched growing up and it started as a nightly routine among my family. 

Every Thursday we would get together and watch The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, the best tradition ever. 

As I grew older it became a staple of my childhood friend group and remains at the fallback show to cure our boredom.

It spearheaded my love for comedy and sitcoms and it will always be a comfort show for me.

“Stranger Things”

Past and present this show is taking me on emotional rollercoasters. 

I have always loved the idea of living in the 80s away from social media and cell phones and this show gives me a sneak peek into that life.

It has become such a fun fan base to be a part of.  

It is incredibly made and the acting makes you feel like you are there, surviving with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the over-the-top fan who has a funeral for every character that dies, but I am still invested. 

“Modern Family”

Although I watched this show on and off as a kid, it has become the center of my attention in the present. 

It’s weird when a show almost perfectly captures your childhood, and I can say with certainty as this show was filmed back in 2009, there are too many similarities to my life. 

It is one of those shows that can get you to laugh in every episode and even has those moments that bring you to tears. 

By the time I finished the show, an unbreakable bond formed between this imaginary suburban family and me, and love seeing the real cast so close to this day. 

“30 Rock”

Similar to what I mentioned about “The Office,” I grew up on this show and it taught me all I needed to know about sketch comedy. 

I have always had a pipe dream of following in the footsteps of Tina Fey, my personal idol, and making it big writing for a sketch comedy show. 

It inspired me to embrace my love for comedy and introduced me to my icons. Although I am far off from writing for a big sketch comedy show, let alone being able to step foot in 30 Rock, I will get there one day. 


A lot of people may not know about this show, but ask your grandparents about it. It is a true crime comedy show from the early 2000 starring another personal icon, Tony Shalhoub.  

It follows a former investigator with all kinds of obstacles, like OCD and PTSD, but he is secretly a genius. The show takes more serious topics and makes them digestible. I highly recommend it to any true crime lover.

It spurred my eventual love for true crime and will remain the quirkiest era of my young teenage life. My mom definitely wasn’t thrilled my best friend and I pulled out our Monk DVDs for a marathon on a Friday night.  

There are so many shows that I am attached to at the hip, but these hold a very special spot in my heart. 

Hopefully you will love them as much as me.

Current Senior at PSU UP. I live right outside of DC in Bethesda, MD and I am on track to be an Advertising and Public Relations major with a minor in Business I love sitcoms, stand-up and spend my time hanging out with friends and traveling.