For True Foodies Only

PSA: Combining weird foods together can actually create five-star cuisine…Well, not quite, but the outcomes can actually be really yummy!


Let’s be honest, I can’t cook, like at all. That’s why I tend to stick to the basics: grilled cheese, mac and cheese, you get where I’m going with this…


While these simple dishes are inevitably tasty on their own, I’ve gotten bored with the same old thing. That’s why I’ve decided to add some stuff to my recipe book. 


*tips chef’s hat*

  1. 1. Grilled Cheese with Apples

    I’m assuming we all know how to make a regular grilled cheese; this is just kicking it up a notch. Basically, just make your grilled cheese with whatever kind of bread and cheese that you normally use. Then, thinly slice a portion of an apple and put it inside of the bread with the cheese. When you’re done cooking the sandwich to your liking, get ready for a fruity, yet savory snack. The sweetness of the apple coordinates nicely with the cheese, creating a mild, tangy finish.

  2. 2. Mac and Cheese with Peas

    If you’re weird about vegetables, I still encourage you to give this a go! When making this sort of dish, I usually use Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese, but it doesn’t really matter. After I mix the cheese, milk and butter together with the cooked noodles, I then add some already-cooked peas. To be honest, it makes me feel better about eating a whole box of noodles in a single setting. It also gives a refreshing, natural taste to the dish.

  3. 3. Overnight Oats 

    If you’re looking for a breakfast that tastes like dessert, you have to try this. To make it, you just take uncooked Quick Oats and mix them together with milk, yogurt and whatever kind of fruit you like. You can add spices like cinnamon, too. Basically, you can add whatever you want. Then, you let the conglomeration sit in the fridge overnight, and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be greeted with pure loveliness.

  4. 4. Sandwich with Chips

    Nothing tops off a ham and cheese sammie better than some BBQ chips, or maybe some Goldfish crackers. It doesn’t really matter what kind of chips or crackers you add; you do you. Inevitably, the crunchiness and the flavors of the sandwich mix together, creating greatness.

OK foodies, now it’s your turn!