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Trendy Fall Pieces to Pull Your Holiday Dinner Outfit Together

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

This holiday season, don’t fret about your outfit last minute only to pull something from 2015 out the back of your closet. Here are some suggestions for pieces to pull together any basic outfit for your holiday festivities.

Sporty Quarter Zip

The perfect jacket to hide all the necessities for that sneaky pre-dinner “walk” with your cousins. A nice puffer quarter zip can elevate a basic, comfortable outfit to sophisticated streetwear.

Pair your outfit with sleek hair and chunky gold jewelry to dress it up even more.

Mini Skirt + Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are appearing more and more in fashion magazines, on Pinterest or on the streets of fashionable cities like New York City or Los Angeles. They can add a bright pop to an otherwise dark autumn-esque outfit.

Try pairing leg warmers with a mini skirt for a cute, feminine vibe this holiday season. If you’re not fond of showing too much skin in front of the family, throw on a pair of tights or save this look for Friendsgiving.

Mixing Fabrics

Combining different materials in one outfit is an easy way to add balance to a look. The duality of this look is perfect for people who want to look put together for the holidays but don’t want to receive comments about “trying too hard” because it’s “just Thanksgiving.”

If you want to go for a dressed-up but still comfortable-looking piece, try a sherpa-lined leather or denim jacket.

Leather on Leather Layering

Keep it trendy — brands like Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova have been on a kick since leather pants became a closet staple. Now, higher end brands like Kylie Jenner’s new KHY features an entire collection dedicated to leather.

If you want to stay on-trend this holiday season, consider investing in a leather set. You can switch the pieces out or wear them together for the ultimate sleek, put-together look.

Comfy Lounge Set

Whenever Thanksgiving dinner (or any family event) is hosted at my house, I always end up wearing the same pajamas I wore to bed to the table. I

f you end up in this predicament, but you want to elevate your look for family pictures, try throwing on a cute and comfy lounge set. You won’t look or feel out of place in your home, but you’ll still blend in with everyone’s holiday best.

Cargo Khakis

If you’re prone to losing your things at family events, invest in a pair of cargos for the event. This way, you have deep enough pockets and you don’t have to worry about leaving a purse behind or loose items (especially if you travel far from school for the holidays).

Cargos can be dressed up with a sleek blouse and dressy shoes, or dressed down with a simple crewneck and sporty sneakers. Khakis specifically bring the semi-formal feeling to any outfit while still maintaining comfort and serving as extra storage.

Form-Fitting Off-the-Shoulder Top

This one is for the people who have said something along the lines of “I’m the Kim Kardashian of this family!” at one point or another.

A form-fitting off the shoulder top is a cute and casual way to look nice at dinner while keeping it family-appropriate. Tops like this remind me of Regina George or that cool older sister or cousin.

Try mixing any of these pieces with something you have in your closet. Be prepared to be the most stylish guest at the event!

I'm Xandra Adams-Dennis, I'm a third year digital and print journalism major with a digital media trending analytics minor. This is my first year writing for HerCampus. I'm from Mount Pocono, PA, I'm 20 years old and I love writing. I love to crochet and binge tv series in my free time.