Top YouTube Channels to Subscribe to If You Love Fashion

Although YouTube is filled with creative content, from David Dobrik giving out cars, to Trisha Paytas crying on her kitchen floor, the platform is also a means to transport you into a world you’ve always wanted to enter. For me, that world is fashion. Fashion inspires, motivates and excites me- and summoning these feelings is something I seek to do everyday. With that being said, I knew I wanted my career to be in the fashion field - where I can be cluttered with creativity and ultimately indulge in my biggest passion. I am accompanied by millions around the world wishing to fuel their passion and work on the fashion front, which narrows the amount of jobs in this industry. Although the limited job positions in fashion may seem daunting, it definitely drives me to do all that I can to get my foot in the door. And it first starts out by learning all I can about the wonderful world before entering it. Understanding the dynamics of the industry and also the “who’s who” of fashion will undoubtedly give you and advantage when it comes time to landing that first job. Aside from reading fashion magazines, I have found that YouTube has offered me some valuable insight into the world - taken from the perspectives of those who have already entered it. Here are my top fashion YouTube Channels that I have become totally obsessed with: 

  1. 1. Vogue

    This might seem like a “no-duh” kind of answer, but Vogue has not only set the fashion publishing precedent, but also created a YouTube channel that reflects the same prestige and honor of its print. Many of you are probably familiar with Vogue’s series “73 Questions,” an inquisition of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities (usually that month’s coverstar.) Although I am an incredible fan of this series - I mean, where else would I have learned that Sarah Jessica Parker’s least favorite food is parsley or that Zac Efron can blow spit bubbles with his tongue -  it is Vogue’s inside look into the fashion world that has me returning to its YouTube channel daily. Specifically, its series “Diary of A Model,” where they follow around a different model as they wake up, prepare for a major runway show and walk the catwalk. I have become obsessed with this series, as I was always curious about what exactly happens backstage. From hair and makeup to walk throughs, “Diary of a Model” is not only educational but also highly addictive. I have shamelessly spent hours watching all episodes this past weekend - I have no regrets. From interactions with designers to media moguls, you get a real life look as to how the runway world works. This series is only one among tons of others Vogue continuously creates, making it my definitive choice for best fashion YouTube channel to subscribe to. 

  2. 2. Alexa Chung

    If you’re a fashion fiend - then you know who Alexa Chung is. Maybe you’ve seen the bubbly Brit pop up on your Instagram feed, or maybe you’re like me, and begged your mom to buy you her book, It, so you could assimilate with the trends of 2013. After creating her fashionable reputation from being a socialite, Alexa has now put on the fashion designer hat with the launch of her own clothing line. Her ultra cool-girl style is one which many seek to emulate (including myself,) which is why her YouTube channel is one of my most loved. Her series “Franglais,” where she travels to France to learn how she can be more French. She even raided a Parisienne’s wardrobe - and I was totally swooned. If you are looking for more tips to elevate your style or learn a thing or two about what’s in and what’s out- Alexa Chung’s YouTube is for you. 

  3. 3. Fashion Channel

    If you are looking to get into the fashion industry, it is important you understand what major fashion houses are presenting or which designer is creating a collection with which brand. Although still runway shots are amazing, as Vogue Runway is one of my most frequently visited sites, there is nothing like seeing a fashion show in video - from start to finish. Being able to see the models walk, the music playing in the background as notable heads turn to look at the next creation. Runway shows are a magical experience - and we all deserve to experience them. Even if you are not attending the show (if you know how I can land a seat to next season’s Dior show- hook me up,) Fashion Channel allows you to watch each runway show. Forewarning: you’re subscription list may be bombarded with runways shows - as there tend to be a lot especially during the fashion months, but you won’t regret subscribing to them and stepping into the extraordinary world of runway.

  4. 4. Derek Blasberg

    Derek Blasberg is another name in fashion that needs no introduction. As an industry insider, Blasberg often collaborates with other fashion folks for interviews, advice talks or just a casual hangout. He recently did a video with Emma Chamberlain, in which he coached her with his tips for conquering fashion week. I learned so much from this video, including how to properly arrive and exit a fashion event. He is always releasing creative content- and I am totally for it. 

  5. 5. Martha Hunt

    You’ve probably recognize Hunt from her strut on the Victoria’s Secret runway or from her various music video roles. Martha’s YouTube is a look into her life as one of fashion’s most beloved models. As a huge admirer for the “model off duty” style, I flock to Martha’s YouTube to learn more about how to achieve her effortless look. With hauls and travel vlogs, Martha makes me feel like a fashion insider - thanks girl! 

YouTube is a way for us to escape our reality and enter an exciting adventure. Follow a model around for the day as she prepares for the Michael Kors’ runway show, or maybe have a cup of tea with Sarah Jessica Parker as she describes to you her fashion influences. I hope you’ve found some new channels to subscribe to, and I wish that you are equally inspired by them as I am.