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Although we are still looking out our windows and seeing mounds of snow, it is never too early to discuss the outfits that you should be rocking when warmer weather comes along. 


While every season comes jam packed with upcoming trends, I have compiled a list of the top 10 trends that are both affordable and versatile. 


Here is a list of fashion-forward items to look out for when shopping for your spring 2021 wardrobe.

Business Trousers

Begin the season with comfort and style. These pants are the perfect fit for anyone who struggles with wanting to look professional while also trying to be comfortable. You could style these with almost any top and still look like you’re about to head to your next business meeting.

Knit Sets

Continuing with the theme of comfort—nothing screams cozy more than knitted clothing. Better yet, a matching set. Throw your sweatsuits to the side this spring and welcome in the knit set. 

The best part of them is that they vary in styles and colors—including shorts with halter tops,  button up sweaters with flared pants—making it easy to find the one that fits you well.

Anything Pastel

Nothing quite welcomes the season of spring other than pastels. If you are a lover of everything pastel (like me), you’ll find yourself almost counting down the days till we are able to stunt our favorite color palette. 


Be daring this year and mesh your pastel colors together to create yourself the perfect spring fit. Some of the best color combinations you can try this year include lilac purple and mint green, pastel yellow and lilac purple, and my personal favorite baby pink and mint green.

Thong Sandals

Thong sandals are back in fashion and I couldn’t be happier. A shoe that combines the style of a flip flop while having the accented feature of the kitten heel—what more could you ask for? 

These fashion forward heels can live with you through the summer and from personal experience, spruce up any outfit that needs some spice.

Big Framed Sunnies

Although they may not always do what they were originally designed for, they sure add some flavor to a bland outfit. Eyewear trends this year seem to centralize around one thing and that’s being bold and big. 

From sporty shades to retro styled sunnies from the 70s, runways were full of variety this year— making it possible for anyone to rock this trend.


While monochrome is not a new trend it certainly is one that is both simple to put together and can make anyone look like they put effort in their OOTDs. Make monochrome work for you even if it means going out of your comfort zone for a day. 


Even if you don’t have clothing that perfectly matches in color, playing up with tones (especially brown tones) can create an amazing ensemble.

Checkered Pants

I’m not going to lie to you guys, the checkered pants trend has me feeling different. Ever since I first laid my eyes on House of Sunny’s checked trousers, the pattern became a newly found obsession.


I especially enjoy the nostalgia behind them and their ode to the famous gingham pattern created back in the 60s. These pants have so much to offer from dressing up a simple outfit to varying  in bold colors including bright green and cherry red.


Blazers have continued to create fashion moments all through winter but why not carry the trend all the way into spring? Blazers are a perfect way to amp up an outfit while simultaneously keeping warm. 


While they may be associated with professionalism, what’s wrong with showing yourself in this way? Treat yourself to a colorful blazer this spring and give yourself a total boss girl moment.

Knee-high boots

I don’t know about you guys but this is by far, my favorite trend on this entire list. Now, this may be a large stretch out of most people’s comfort zones but I promise from personal experience that putting these babies on will give you the confidence boost everyone must experience.


While I may have received looks, I have never felt more alive than strutting downtown in my knee high boots. You don’t have to take my advice on this one but at least admire how they can truly turn an outfit from drab to fab.

Cut-out back

To finish off this list, I present to you the cut-out back. From dresses to shirts, stunting a cut-out back is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on this spring. 


With it’s simple detail, this is the perfect way to look effortlessly chic while still having a little scandalous moment.

Which trend is your favorite?

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