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I’m an impulsive spender, but 2023 was the year I started to get better with narrowing down purchases. I bought things that I still loved after a week and knew I would love for a long time.

With 2024 here, I wanted to recap my best five purchases of 2023. 

Little Words Project bracelets

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I think I bought 10 this year, but these are the most thoughtful presents ever.

I purchased a custom one for the birthday of one of my closest friends, a custom for my sister of the nickname our grandpa gave her and a custom for my mom of the phrase her grandma signed every card with. I also got a custom “16801” bracelet for me and two of my best friends for Christmas, and we wear them nearly every day.

I made about five purchases for my own collection, from custom bracelets to cute drops to the singular “Wicked” bracelet I got my hands on. I don’t regret a single one. 

E.L.F. Foundation

This is the first foundation I’ve ever purchased. I feel like a real adult when I use it, and it has the perfect amount of coverage. It can even combat the flush I get whenever I drink.

I wear this everywhere, from class when my face is splotchy to a night out. I love the smooth formula and even though I have no comparison for it, I have no reason to try something else. I personally feel like foundation is a super basic way to make you feel more put together. 

Coach Outlet Nolita 19

I purchased this gold and brown black purse shortly after I turned 21, and it was the best decision ever.

This is my singular going out purse — my reliable little baby that I love dearly.

This is where my ID lives and my cash in case there is a cover at the bar. There’s room for my keys, my phone, a lipstick, cash and wallet. This is the perfect shoulder bag for the bare necessities.

While this is the most expensive item on my list, I promise it will last longer than a $20 purse from Amazon that you aren’t motivated to care about. I knew if I didn’t have a staple bag, I would want to purchase in excess for every kind of outfit, so this splurge did save me money in the long run. 

Signet Ring

I purchased this ring back in January and have worn it almost daily since. I bought a Taylor Swift one, because that’s my personality, but I feel like it’s important to find one that suits you.

I have anxiety and fidgeting helps me relax. I have tried many different rings to fidget with, but the thick signet ring is the most relaxing.

I also love that it shows up in photos, it’s big enough that no matter how far away the camera is, it will be noticed. 

Undgrnd Collective and College Town Culture Away Game Day Hoodie 

This was my favorite Christmas present this year, hands down. I got it in an XL which is the perfect oversized size for me.

I wore it during the Penn State bowl game, and will be wearing it during any away game where the goal isn’t to dress up and go out to a bar, simply because I would be inconsolable if this hoodie were to be destroyed.

I love a good comfort hoodie, and this is my new throw one to lounge one until further notice.

In today’s day and age, over-consumerism is the norm. This past year, I’m really happy with the intentional ways I spent money. I wasn’t perfect by any means, and would never pretend to be, but I’m a lot less confused with where my money went this year than I was in 2022. 

Madeline (she/her) is a second-year at Penn State studying Psychology and Labor and Human Resources from Bangor, Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she’s either reading or taking photos.