Toby Flenderson From The Office Was Actually The "Scranton Strangler" And Here Is The Evidence To Prove It

Everyone who has seen "The Office" knows who is Toby Flenderson. The boring guy from Human Resources, who is hated by everyone in the office and loved by all of the show's fans. He is one of the most normal and boring characters in the show. However, there is a lot of evidence that shows that he may not be who he seems. I believe that Toby Flenderson was the Scranton Strangler, and here is all the evidence to support it.

  1. 1. Toby was far from mentally stable.

    Toby has gone through a difficult time during the filming of the show. He had a bad divorce, was constantly bullied by his boss, saw the woman he loves - Pam - marry someone else and even broke his neck in Costa Rica. It would not be a surprise if he eventually lost his mind, would it?

  2. 2. The Strangler's attacks happened close to the office and its employees' houses.

    When the Scranton Strangler first attacks, Meredith states that the murder happened close to her home. In addition, the Strangler passes in the office's street when he is being chased by the police. This means that the person committing the attacks was in the same neighborhood as Dunder Mifflin.

  3. 3. The Scranton Strangler attacks on the same day that Jim and Pam have their first baby.

    Toby has always been in love with Pam, and seeing her love story with Jim has always affected him in a negative way. Seeing the woman he loves starting her family made him angry, which lead to another attack. Everyone from the office visits Pam in the hospital, but Toby is nowhere to be seen.

  4. 4. Toby was not in the office when the police were chasing after the Scranton Strangler.

    Everyone in the office is gathered around Toby's desk to watch the police apprehend the strangler. Well, everyone except for Toby. Suspicious to say the least.

  5. 5. The car seen in the apprehension of the Scranton Strangler was also shown in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin.

    During the police chase, we get to see that the Scranton Strangler was driving a green car. The same car can be seen in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot a few episodes before. This means that the Strangler either works in the office or has at least visited it in the past.

  6. 6. Toby receives a personal call during the Scranton Strangler chasing.

    As we all know really well, Toby does not have that many friends. He has even stated that he has no friends at all. However, he receives a phone call during the police chase. The call must have been personal, as Erin, the receptionist, was not in her desk to forward the call. This could mean that Toby was calling the office to admit his crimes, or someone was calling him to ask if that was his car on the tv.

  7. 7. Toby states multiple times that an innocent man has been put to death for the Scranton Strangler's crimes that he did not commit - and he feels extremely guilty about it.

    Toby knows that the man was innocent, because he is the one who committed all the crimes. He expressed guilt on multiple occasions. However, his guilt is not solely for putting an innocent man on death row, but for the fact that he was responsible for all of the attacks.

  8. 8. Toby writes criminal novels, and one of them is called "A Murder for Framing"

    Toby is really interested in crimes, as he is a criminal himself. One of his novels is named "A Murder for Framing", which may be the story of how he framed George Howard Skub for all the crimes he committed.

Are you convinced yet?