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Tinder App Review


I don’t know if y’all have seen MTV’s new show Catfish but it scared me into being sure I should never pursue a relationship online. However, when my friend told me about a new app called Tinder that promises to connect you to interesting people around you, I had a weak moment and downloaded it. It reminded me of a “hot or not” list and I was too interested not to try it. Pictures of guys in your area pop up on the screen with their age and you click if you are interested or not. If you are interested, you click the heart and if you are not you click the “x”.  I was nervous to do this at first because I was scared they would find out but the catch is they only find out if you both say yes to each other. If you and guy both “like” each other it will come up as a match. You will then have the option to chat through the app. Superficial? Maybe. Fun? Yes.

I’ve been using Tinder for a few days and honestly I feel a little weird about it. It connects through your Facebook so it made me feel a little more secure with the people being real, but it’s still online so you never know. My roommates and I went through the app liking guys we thought were cute, not knowing what to expect, but after awhile, I got a few matches. Some of them messaged me and it was entertaining to talk to them. It seemed like most guys were using this app because they thought it was funny and it was creepy when I came across guys who were actually trying to meet up. Not everyone is nice so be sure not to take anything personally.

I deleted my account after a few days because the same people kept coming up. Tinder is an interesting concept but like with any social media app, be careful and go into it with an open mind. You probably won’t meet your future husband on Tinder, but you will definitely get some laughs and perhaps a self-esteem boost (no shame).


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