Things You Learn by Dating People from a Different Country

When dating someone from a different country, you learn a lot. With the new person comes a new culture, language and outlook on life.


You get detailed insight into how it feels to be born in a different country and how it feels to grow up in a completely different environment with different rules, social norms, food, taboos, expectations, and music.


I’ve gone out with people from four different countries, and I learned that even if the relationship doesn’t work out, you will learn to be more adaptable and will have a broader view of the world than you had before. 


Here are some things you will notice when dating someone from a different culture.

  1. 1. New Language

    variety of book stacks

    If they come from a country with a different language, you might pick up some of it. I can’t promise that you will become 100 percent fluent, but I can guarantee that after listening to your partner speak a different language for a while, you will pick up some words and expressions. 


    If you already study that language, it might be an opportunity to learn the accent and gain fluency. Oh, and best study abroad tip? Date a local, and your language skills will improve.

  2. 2. New Food

    Korean food

    Culinary habits change from country to country. Each country has unique dishes with different ingredients and flavors. When you date someone from another country, they take you down this awesome path of new flavors. 


    Even when cooking common dishes, they might use condiments from their culture that will bring a different taste than things that you already eat. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things. You might end up discovering your new favorite food.

  3. 3. Cultural Differences

    Women Sitting Close Together

    This can be both a positive or a set-back. When you have different cultures, everything changes, even the small things. The way you greet people, the interactions between people, and the way relationships work is different. You will both need the patience to navigate through this unknown path and you will both need to compromise. 


    One example would be a culture full of chauvinism. In this case, a man might expect the women to do all the housework while the man does all the heavy manual work in the house. You will need to talk this through and create a common ground that is comfortable for the two of you.

  4. 4. Cultural Similarities

    Even in a world as big as ours, people are closer than we think. Globalization is a big part of bringing people from different cultures together, and even if the partners are from completely opposite parts of the world, it might be fun to find the common ground some cultures have.


    For example, Russia and Latin America have a similar parent-children relationship, and people on the internet often call Russians “winter latinos.” Seeing these similarities might bring you and your partner closer

  5. 5. The New Combination of Cultures

    After putting your similarities and differences on the table and working things through, you and your partner will end up creating your own little culture. Samosas and empanadas together? Why not? You might also catch yourself speaking Spanglish on the regular. And what about celebrating both Thanksgiving and Eid Mubarak? 

In the end, you and your partner will have that thing that is unique to both of you. You’ll grow to be more accepting and willing to adapt to the global marketplace.