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As October ends and November rolls in, we take a look back on some fall activities that everyone waits year-round to enjoy.

I personally adore making Halloween cookies (the prepackaged sugar cookies with pumpkins on them from Walmart are so good) and watching the colors of the trees change in different shades. I feel as though fall is just the season where everything is warm and cozy, and the neutral colors just add to the aesthetic.

So let’s get into some fun activities you can do in the fall.

Pumpkin Carving

While I prefer to have my pumpkins pre-carved, the art of pumpkin carving is a process that allows one’s creativity to shine through.

There are tools are available to help beginners with the difficult task, and there are specialty knives for more experienced carvers to create more intricate designs. Of course, everyone knows that actually preparing the pumpkin is one of the hardest parts, since there’s a lot of pumpkin seeds inside that need to be cleaned before the carving actually begins. But the hard work usually pays off with a fun finished product.

Pumpkin carving is for all ages, but if I say plastic pumpkin is just as good as any real one (and they’re way less messy). 

Pumpkin patches and Apple cIDER 

Speaking of pumpkins, pumpkin patches are such fun when you’re on the search or just browsing around at the many pumpkins grown throughout farms.

I recently went to a pumpkin patch with some friends at Harner Farm in State College, which had an array of pumpkins of all colors, from orange to white to green. The pumpkin patch also offers baked good, jams and assortments of apples available for purchase. The pumpkin patch even had a little haunted house. 

But one item also stood out: the hot apple cider being sold along with foods such as candy apples and hot dogs. I prefer a good cup of hot chocolate myself, but my friends commented that the apple cider was very good.

You just can’t go wrong with a classic pumpkin patch and a cup of cider. 

Sweater Weather 

I enjoy the period when it’s finally acceptable to ditch the t-shirts completely and pull out the fur boots, black leggings and sweater combo, it’s such a classic. 

I love how a sweater can be dressed up or more casual. I prefer the weather when it gets time to pull out the crewnecks, as there’s just something comforting about the oversized sweaters and jackets that fall fashion deems socially accepted. 

The Arctic Monkeys also have a song called “Sweater Weather”, so there’s another perk. 

Starbucks Fall Flavors 

Starbucks is known for having syrups, mochas, creams, roast blends and sauces that change with the seasons and holidays. Although some of my favorite Starbucks flavors always appear in the winter months, fall flavors shouldn’t be slept on. 

From pumpkin spice, apple crisp, pumpkin chai and even baked goods such as pumpkin bread and owl cake pops are all items that Starbucks fanatics anticipate in the fall months.

While I’m a simple girl who might jazz up a chai with some pumpkin flavoring, I prefer more strawberry acais to any latte. But many people can’t wait for fall and the special drinks that it brings.  

All Things Food 

Of course with drinks, there’s bound to be fall goodies that interest people who adores fall meals. Pumpkins are a staple in fall baked goods, and I’m certainly not complaining.

Pumpkin items just seem to taste better when they are eaten during the fall weather. 

Another contender for the best fall food is anything with apple. There’s something about the smell of a fresh apple pie that is the epitome of fall.

And we can’t forget the biggest food holiday of all: Thanksgiving. Regardless of how you celebrate, it’s a great excuse to eat some delicious food fall is known for.

The fall season brings about many wonderful activities and simple pleasures that could only be enjoyed during the fall weather. 

I look forward to fall and all that offers us, especially all of the fun activities you can do!

Elonie is a sophomore currently attending Penn State as a journalism major. When she's not busy, she's curled up starting Netflix shows she'll never finish.