Things I Wonder About In My 20's

Being a young adult, entering the “real world” has made me reflect on the world around me. In saying that, there are some questions I have about the way we go about life.

  1. 1. Why can’t you buy a single serving bag of tortilla chips?

    You can buy a small bag of potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, cheetos, EVERYTHING. However, if you want some good old classic tortilla chips you’ve got to buy a huge bag. Unacceptable. 



  2. 2. What if the colors we see are different from the colors that other people see? 

    Is my green the same as your green, or is your green my blue?

  3. 3. Are there other dimensions?

    According to my astronomy class, if it were possible and you were to look at the Earth from the moon with a giant telescope (due to the speed of light) the view of the Earth you would see would be years in the past!!!

  4. 4. How did “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts become the most beloved song of existence?

    Hear me out, it might not be your favorite song, but EVERYONE can agree that “Life is a Highway” is an essential bop. Even people who hate country music know every word.

  5. 5. …..What happens when we die? 

    Science says energy can not be created or destroyed, so when we kick the bucket…where does the energy from our bodies go?