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Sneakers Sand White Pants
Sneakers Sand White Pants
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The White Sneaker Legend: My Favorite Staple Shoes

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

One unspoken principle of womanhood is that every woman owns at least one basic white sneaker. No matter the brand, shade or look, I guarantee that every single woman you know owns this classic shoe.

This is because no matter the occasion, these shoes have never failed anyone. They simply will never not be trendy. The white sneaker is forever going to be a fashion dynasty.

However, picking out the perfect one can prove to be a strategic challenge. Throughout my adolescence and into my young adulthood, I have always owned at least one pair of plain, basic sneakers. However, as I have changed and grown, so have the footwear essentials I’ve decided to wear during different periods of my life.

Therefore, I decided to compile a list of my personal favorites of the shoe staple. These are arguably the most iconic, fashionable and tasteful of its kind.

Next time you find yourself at the point of life where you’ve grown tired of your current white sneaker, look no further than this list.

Reebok club c 85

This sneaker is a personal favorite of mine. When looking for style and comfort, this sneaker is nothing short of a perfect choice. I’ve worn them to my classes pretty much every single day this past year.

In a year where vintage fashion has taken trending styles by storm, these sneakers are a focal point of that trend in footwear. These sneakers are simple yet trendy, and last a very long time.

Reebok is masterful at creating very versatile shoes that mesh both style and comfort, as well as follow the current fashion trends.

My favorite part is you can wear them quite literally anywhere, whether it’s going out or going walking. The main reason for this is that they are extremely easy to clean — a benefit that is rare in most of the sneakers on the rest of this list.

New Balance 550

In recent years, the chunky sneaker has been in a dominant force in the latest footwear trends. The New Balance 550 has been the flagship sneaker, propelling the brand and the trend to new heights.

The New Balance sneaker trend has become by far my favorite. The NB 550 has been one of the most popular sneakers in recent times for good reason.

The New Balance brand itself has proven themselves to be timeless and a fan-favorite sneaker for celebrities, particularly supermodels. The sneakers they create are commonly described as iconic.

These shoes can take any basic outfit to the next level and are an indisputable closet upgrade in any sneaker collection.

White platform converse

If we’re going the classic route, nothing beats white high top Chuck Taylors. These shoes are versatile and resilient through anything. For awhile, they were the main shoes NBA players would wear for their games.

This is one of my favorite basic shoes because of its cultural significance. For me, these shoes hold so many memories from my adolescence and bring a sense of comfort. This is in tune with how iconic the Converse brand is, with its rich history it’s known as a huge staple in sneaker culture, and this specific model is considered world-famous.

Brand aside, platform converse are flattering and extremely affordable, which is my favorite component of the shoe. You can never go wrong with a pair of white Chucks in any outfit, whether it’s a night out or a walk to the library.

Adidas sambas

Another timeless classic, Sambas have a look to them that makes them able to pair with any type of pants, whether it’s leggings, sweatpants or jeans. The most notable part about this shoe is how comfortable they are, making them perfect for any walk to class or a hot-girl walk on a rare sunny day in State College.

Retro-looking shoes are particularly popular right now, and these are the epitome of timeless yet old-fashioned. Their added comfort makes them a personal favorite footwear staple for me, and they are an extremely popular sneaker for good reason.

These sneakers can be found anywhere online and are easy to obtain. Next time you find your latest basic everyday sneaker suffering from the typical wear-and-tear, maybe give these shoes a shot!

Sarah Weins is a freshman at Penn State studying Journalism and Public Relations.