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Taylor Swift folklore
Taylor Swift folklore

The Venus Signs As Taylor Swift Songs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

If you’re not familiar with other astrology placements besides your Sun, you might not know that your Venus sign can tell a lot about your love life: how you love, how you behave when you are in love, what makes you fall in love with someone etc.

Understanding your Venus sign can be important to understand certain behaviors you have when it comes to romantic relationships. If you want to know you are romantically or sexually compatible with your crush, for example, it is better to compare your Venus signs rather than your Sun signs.

When I think of love and romance, I think of Taylor Swift’s songs. Though a lot of people think of breakup songs when they think of Swift, some of her best songs are the ones she wrote about love.

Because of that, I wanted to assign some Swift songs to each Venus sign according to what stands out the most when it comes to each sign’s behavior and views on love.

Aries Venus

People who have their Venus in Aries are usually flirty and straightforward when it comes to love, and they sometimes focus more on the chase than the relationship itself.

They are also spontaneous and like to keep things fun and fresh in their relationships, so you have to be able to keep up if you want to date them. They are charming and enthusiastic, which makes people easily attracted to them — they can be hard to resist.

At the same time, Aries Venuses will never settle for someone who doesn’t give them butterflies; they live for passion.

For these reasons, I believe that “Gorgeous,” “ME!” and “The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version)” are songs that represent people with Venus in Aries. Those songs are playful and charming, just like those with Venus in Aries; focusing on the passionate side of relationships and love while keeping it fresh, entertaining and just a little bit too intense.

Taurus Venus

If I had to define Venus in Taurus with one word, I would have to say intense. When they fall, they fall hard.

Those people appreciate sensual relationships with lots of physical expressions of love. They love to please their partners and like to have certain stability when it comes to their love life. They also have an expensive taste and like luxurious things.

On the other hand, they can be possessive and show jealousy — which is why I think songs like “Don’t Blame Me,” “Dress” and “Paper Rings” are great songs for those with a Venus in Taurus.

Those songs exemplify devoted lovers that are sensual and charming, but who deeply value the love that they receive and, on top of that, value intimacy more than everything — just like most people who have a Taurus Venus.

Gemini Venus

Gemini Venuses are teases; they’re playful and like to flirt, but they usually run away from commitment and serious relationships. They are curious beings who love meeting new people and learning about them.

They will keep relationships fun and entertaining but tend to keep their emotions distant. Because of this, songs such as “Getaway Car,” “Blank Space” and “Enchanted” are a great representation of Gemini Venus.

Those songs talk about being interested (and borderline obsessed) with a potential partner but moving on just as fast as you first caught feelings — as people with Venus in Gemini usually act with their romantic life.

Though not everyone is a good match for a Gemini Venus, you are guaranteed to have a fun time with them — if you can keep up.

Cancer Venus

Cancer Venuses are the definition of romantic. They are always ready to give everything to their partners. They are observers and will do everything in their power to keep their partner happy. They don’t care for games, as they are usually looking for a solid relationship.

However, Cancer Venuses can be insecure when it comes to their love life and will constantly be afraid that their partner will leave them, which can lead them to shelter themselves.

They are dedicated to their partners and very romantic, but sensitive. Thus, songs like “The Archer,” “peace” and “Afterglow” represent Cancer Venuses — those are songs about needing reassurance and patience in love.

Those are songs that represent this feeling of wanting your partner to promise to stay with you and love you even when things get hard and you’re wrong — Cancer Venuses need someone who will be there for them when their negative emotions get the best of them.

Leo Venus

Leo Venuses love to feel loved. They want a partner who will make them feel special and adored.

They have high expectations when it comes to love and won’t settle for anything less than great, but when they choose to be with you they are loyal and devoted to you. The physical side of relationships is important to Leo Venuses, but the emotional connection is even more important.

However, it can be hard for them to separate physical and emotional love, thus they don’t tend to do well in casual relationships — but they are willing to wait for the right person.

I Think He Knows,” “So It Goes…” and “mirrorball” are songs that most Leo Venuses can relate to. These songs have the essence of wanting to be seen and loved by someone, which is all that people who have Venus in Leo want when it comes to romance.

Virgo Venus

Though Virgo Venuses are not too flirty and bold with their affection, they show their love by memorizing little things about their partners and dedicating themselves to their relationships. They pay attention to you; what you like, what you’re interested in, what makes you happy etc.

They show their love in a quiet way and usually are more reserved about their feelings. They will do a lot for you and want to be appreciated for it.

If you are kind and show appreciation for what they do, they are not so hard to please. Their love is practical and rational, which can become negative when they are too critical of their partners and their actions — even if they think they’re being helpful.

That’s why I believe songs like “Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version),” “You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)” and “invisible string” are good representations of Virgo Venuses; those songs are about showing your love through details you learned about your partner’s life and tastes while wanting to be appreciated by it.

Libra Venus

Libra Venuses have a romanticized version of what they think their love life should look like. They will try to impress their partners and work hard to make the relationship work.

They like kind lovers who treat them gently and fairly. Their niceness and romanticized version of romance can be seen as insincere, but they genuinely care for their partners.

People with Venus in Libra might come off too strong or seem like a lot to deal with, but they mean well. Thus, songs like “Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version),” “cardigan” and “Starlight (Taylor’s Version)” are good representations of Libra Venuses.

Though those songs might seem insubstantial fluff and cuteness at a first glance, they are deeper than that; they are a romanticized take on love but in the end, they’re about wanting to build a life by your partner’s side, sharing the good and bad of the relationship.

Scorpio Venus

Scorpio Venuses fall and commit fast. They’re not afraid to jump headfirst into a new romance and they put a lot of value in an intimate and sensual relationship. They can come off as controlling and intense, which might scare off some potential partners. Loving a person with a Scorpio Venus isn’t for everyone.

To be with a Scorpio Venus, you will need to be completely loyal and devoted to them; they want someone to love them with their body and soul, and they will do the same in return — thus why songs like “King Of My Heart,” “Sparks Fly” and “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” can be relatable to Scorpio Venuses.

Those songs are about bravely loving someone and giving your all to your partner, as Scorpio Venuses usually behave when they are romantically involved with someone.

Sagittarius Venus

People with Venus in Sagittarius don’t easily commit. They want a relationship that will allow them to grow with their partner and learn new things with them.

They are flirty by nature and love adventure, and they want a partner who will live life to the fullest with them. However, they might feel the need to run away when things get tough, so they need someone who will give them a reason to stay.

They want honesty and adventure. For these reasons, songs like “Cornelia Street,” “End Game” and “Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Version)” fit Sagittarius Venuses.

These songs are about having adventures with your partner and committing even when you don’t want to, which is representative of Sagittarius Venuses in love.

Capricorn Venus

Capricorn Venuses are cautious lovers and they are not usually open with their feelings, which is why they can come off as cold. However, they crave love and a deep romantic connection with a partner.

Though they might seem like they have their life together and know exactly what they are doing, Capricorn Venuses fear rejection and often worry they are not good enough. They want to be the best version of themselves for their partners.

They don’t have a very idealistic vision of love and relationships, so they accept the bumps in the road and the practicality of relationships — because of that, they can insist on relationships that in the long run might not be good for them.

Songs like “Delicate,” “tolerate it” and “New Year’s Day” exemplifies how Capricorn Venuses can act when it comes to love. They want the person who will value them and be there for the monotonous part of life, but they can be hesitant to fully express how they feel.

Aquarius Venus

Aquarius Venuses have a unique mind and perspective and they are attracted to relationships with this dynamic. They don’t like following rules and they have unusual visions and ideas, which reflect their views on love.

They are very independent and if they choose to be in a relationship, it better be on their terms. They want someone who will dream with them and be their friend above it all; they want someone who will be their partner in everything.

It’s Nice To Have A Friend,” “…Ready For It?” and “cowboy like me” are great songs to represent Aquarius Venuses. Those songs are about wanting a unique relationship that involves a lot of trust and the different meanings of the word partner — at the end of the day, that’s what most people with Venus in Aquarius want.

Pisces Venus

People with Venus in Pisces want romantic love, something that one would write love songs and poetry about. They can be quite dramatic and they love to yearn — they love with their whole heart.

Though they long for love, they can be hard to commit and they feel a lot. They are good at forgiveness and making sacrifices, so be careful to not take advantage of them.

They want someone they can have romantic moments with; they want to live a great love. That’s why songs like “the lakes,” “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” and “Lover” represent how Pisces Venuses love.

Those songs represent overly romantic and idealized versions of love, almost like a fantasy — which is the kind of fairytale love that most Pisces Venuses want: romantic and just a bit dramatic.

Swift has dozens of love songs that show different sides of what it is like to love and be loved romantically, so I couldn’t include all of them in this article. I hope you learn more about your venus and what it means to your love life — and maybe discover a new favorite song along the way.

Rafaela (she/her) is a senior at Penn State, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Journalism and Sports Studies. She spends too much time listening to Taylor Swift and reading romance novels.