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Anna Schultz-Shoes In Crowded Room
Anna Schultz-Shoes In Crowded Room
Anna Schultz / Her Campus
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Some say that a shoe makes a getup, a pop of color does the trick, or a nifty jewelry accessory is the gateway to improving any basic ensemble.

While these are all valid points, there is another element of an outfit that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. And my dear friends, it’s socks. A simple way to slay, whether classily ruffled or knee-high grunge, socks are a vital addition to an outfit that help portray a stylistic vision. 

Yes, the goofy feet covers that provide warmth, are a nuisance in the wash and often worn quite aggressively in the elementary spirit days. And while these fabricated pairs can be done dirty, they can just as equally be justified. When executed properly, the mastery of an outfit is undeniable.  

Socks have the simple ability to elevate an outfit, whether it’s through mixing and matching, adding a splash of vibrant color or incorporating a touch of texture. There is an unmistakable, fashionable influence that socks can imprint on a look. They can also work efficiently to create cohesiveness between the shoe and the clothing.  

Emma Chamberlain creates an accent to her shoes with a montone, mustard yellow sock.

Personality can pour from socks! We can appreciate no-show ankle socks, but sometimes it’s a rewarding experience to explore other styles.

Certain brands such as Fun Club, one of my personal favs, works to plaster relatable, humorous remarks on the designs of their prints. Because who doesn’t want a pair of socks that states, “My cat says you’re dumb.” Satirical and silly indeed, but just as easily light-hearted, they are all done in good fun.  

There is, however, also nothing wrong with the basics. Mcool Mary’s Ruffled socks on Amazon are a simplistic venturing of socks, offering solid colors and a texturing ankle ruffle, they have the versatile ability to dress up or down a fit at an affordable price. Lace socks can also help to deliver a high fashion look, the small detail that can make or break proper execution.  

Another brand, Sillies Co. Socks, goes in depth with witty graphics and cartoons that can pertain to a plethora of topics. Ranging from holiday designs to dog parent visuals, these socks once more work as an echo chamber for one to express themselves.

Minuscule elements as such are capable of making an outfit much more unique and personable to the individual wearing. 

Socks can dress up or down an outfit, as seen in Olivia Rodrigo’s post, they can make a red heel look comfy and vintage.

Taking on a pair of socks and incorporating them into a look is an enlightening experience. You can learn so much about yourself and take a deep dive into your own creative expertise. Like most realms of fashion, socks can be utilized as a reflection of who you are.  

Experimenting with more colorful, graphic socks exude personality, which then can be displayed to those who you surround yourself with. It is a channel for you to communicate your energy without having to say a word. Socks truly can prove to be a means of attraction that gravitates people towards your being and aura.

Quite simply, they are a fun exploration of style and an abundance of silliness that makes us want to smile and build a collection. 

Brooke is a first-year student at Penn State University studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Trends + Analytics. When not writing for Her Campus @ PSU, she is always down for a beach excursion, afternoon picnic, or thrift trip! Beyond such she’s a musical girl at heart, classic rock and disco are her ultimate favorites :) Constantly looking to radiate positivity, Brooke loves to be involved in her community & school. She is an avid advocate for Mental Health and pushes to bring about such awareness through the power of writing. As a panelist of Her Campus, she anticipates making memories and forming longlasting bonds with this wonderful group. She hopes her pieces prove to be a safe space for all to feel welcomed, loved, and freed to share a smile :)