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As January comes to an end, the season of love is coming towards us with high voltage speed. Valentine’s Day is known to be a day of love, no matter what love that may be.

This Valentine’s Day, I am going to be my own Valentine, and it’s totally okay not to base this holiday solely on being in a relationship. There are many things to make your Valentine’s Day better than you’d expect.

Not many people like to celebrate this day if they are not in a relationship, although this should not be the focus. Love is much more than having a significant other. We should deeply appreciate the amount of love we all have in our lives. This means there are endless amounts of opportunities to treat yourself during this holiday season.

Many ideas come to mind when deciding what to do this Valentine’s Day. Here I will list ten here to inspire you to get up and do something for yourself if you’re single — instead of feeling down about not celebrating with a s/o. 

Five Fun Things To Do for singles This Valentine’s Day: 

Have a Spa Day

This is the perfect option if you are looking for some me-time. You can either treat yourself by purchasing a spa package at your local spa. A facial or massage always tends to be the best option for a relaxing experience.

If you are working on a budget, I would recommend having your own DIY spa day at home. You can do this by taking a nice long shower and focusing on things you may not get to do every day, like putting on a hair mask or exfoliating your body. There are so many different ways to sit back and appreciate yourself on this day of love. 

Plan a dinner date with your Girlfriends

The perfect way to appreciate your friends on Valentine’s day is by taking them out on a nice dinner. My girlfriends and I love to plan nights out at our favorite restaurant. You all can dress nice and take pictures and order a meal that you might not be able to get often. 

Have a Movie Marathon

There are so many ways to do this. You can go to the movies with your friends for another night out. Or, you can plan a movie marathon at your place with your friends too. This can include lots of popcorn, candy, and late-night talks with friends. 

Go to Karaoke

This has been something that I have been trying to do with my friends. Karaoke is something that you cannot do often, but when you are with friends, it is definitely fun. This is the perfect time to shout at the rooftops your favorite songs with friends. 

Go Bowling with Friends

This is another different and fun activity to do with your friends for a night out. Bowling is an activity that you do not get to do often, so it is fun. I like to do things that are different every once in a while for a good time. 

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is another fun activity that I feel is different and fun to do with your friends. I have never been able to do this often, but it is a cool experience to do every once in a while. 

Lastly, do anything that makes you happy this Valentine’s Day. Personalize it and make it your own! Use these suggestions as inspiration to plan your own special day, because you deserve it.

I am a Junior at Penn State studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. I love fashion, food, and anything beauty-related which can be found a common trend throughout my articles.