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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

As I sit in my room preparing for the upcoming Harry Styles “Love on Tour” concert, I have been immersing myself in Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram for outfit ideas and what websites or stores are best to buy these items.

I could have just thrown an outfit together the night before like for previous shows. However, in recent years and even months, the styles in which people dress for concerts have drastically changed. Since I am a huge Harry Styles fan, I would love to credit that change to him, but that may not be the case. 

Fashion is an art form, even in everyday life. We present ourselves to the world through our clothes. What you wear daily speaks to the people around you, whether you notice it or not. Our outfits are pieced together in our heads; they cater to our style and mood for the day.

Everyone is involved in fashion and partakes in the evolutions of style that have been happening in recent years.

The fashion world is a fast-paced, ever-changing art that reflects our society. Patterns are mixed, glitter is back and bright colors are in full swing. 

Harry Styles, an important figure in fashion, is no stranger to using his clothes to display his personality and inner thoughts. Many Styles’ fans have credited him for his confidence to wear whatever they want. 

When dressing for a concert, people typically dress for the artist or genre they are seeing. If you are going to a country concert, it is more likely that you will wear cowboy boots or a cowboy hat or some type of outfit that reflects the music. Therefore, these brighter, bolder outfits and makeup looks directly resemble how Harry Styles’ music makes people feel and how he has influenced his fans to dress. 

In my personal opinion on the matter, COVID constrained people and locked us inside. Now, as we see more people, the style has gotten brighter to reflect a shining hope for the future.

The lockdown allowed people to look inside themselves and decide who they wanted to be. People have been flourishing through their fashion.

This type of fashion evolution has not just taken place during Harry Styles “Love on Tour;” there are many other instances where it seems like a celebrity has dramatically influenced their audience to dress a specific way. 

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous looks, on stage and on the red carpet. We all remember the meat dress.

Gaga created a space for her fans to be who they are and dress how they want. The fashion seen at her shows mirrors that. 

Similar to Harry Styles, Gaga toured this year; however, her tour just ended on Sept. 17. Throughout this tour, the fans’ looks were reflections of Lady Gaga herself. She is never afraid to dress how she wants, and her music speaks to people.

Gaga fans and Styles fans have this similarity of comfortability in front of these celebrities. Both spread positivity and kindness while making music that speaks to people.

The concert fashion over the last two years has changed drastically. Throwing on a t-shirt and jeans is a thing of the past. Outfits are strategically planned for months prior to the event, ideas are searched for on social media and inspiration is taken from the artist. 

The outfits were incredible, the audience went all out and their outfits showed their personalities through their clothing. The concertgoers displayed Harry Styles’ style. Fans replicated many of Harry Styles’ outfits throughout Madison Square Garden.

The joy on people’s faces as they danced around in their boldest form, singing as loud as they could and enjoying the company of strangers shows, to me, how evident Styles brought out these types of feelings and how his songs made them feel. 

This evolution of concert fashion has been seen dramatically in recent years, especially at shows of artists who make their audience and fans feel most comfortable.

Olivia Pettyjohn is a fourth-year journalism major at Penn State, planning to graduate in 2024.