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The Best TikTok Songs to Add to Your Playlist Right Now

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Like everyone else on the planet, I am always on TikTok. The app controls everything I do and I’m not even mad about it. It is where I get my TV show recommendations, my movie recommendations and especially where I get my song recommendations.

One thing that is fascinating about TikTok is that it has the ability to popularize the most random songs and have everyone adding them to their playlists within 24 hours. After scrolling through my TikTok for about an hour today, I was inspired to write about the best songs circulating on my For You Page right now that I think everyone should add to their playlist. Some are recent, some are old, but all are currently trending on TikTok.

“Softcore” by the Neighbourhood

I heard this song on my For You Page about a month ago and immediately looked up the lyrics on Google so I could find the song. When I tell you that this song will be my most listened to song this year, I’m not joking.

I’ve always been a fan of The Neighbourhood but hot take, I think that “Sweater Weather,” “Daddy Issues” and “Afraid” all pale in comparison to this song. The beat of the song is somehow electronic, yet vibey and I can listen to it on repeat for hours. The version that’s viral on TikTok is sped up but, I honestly prefer the original version which is at a regular speed. If you haven’t added this song to your playlist, I suggest doing so ASAP. 

“slipping through my fingers” from “mamma mia” by Meryl streep and Amanda seyfried

This song is originally by ABBA, but covered by the “Mamma Mia” cast. My mom raised me on the “Mamma Mia” soundtrack, so this song isn’t new to me, but I have absolutely loved seeing this on my For You Page for the past two weeks. There is something about this song that always makes me emotional and especially being at college, listening to it makes me miss home. The “Mamma Mia” soundtrack in its entirety is amazing and if you haven’t seen the movie, I encourage you to watch it. While the song, in reality, isn’t slowed and reverbed, the movie version of the song is amazing to listen to and I think that everyone should add it to their playlist.

“paradise” by Coldplay

Everyone has heard this song at least once in their lives before hearing it on TikTok, I’m sure of it. But alas, if you haven’t, it’s by Coldplay, has been around since 2011 and always hits no matter the year or the occasion.

Coldplay is one of those bands that no one thinks about but when you start to think about them, you realize how many good songs they have and this is just one of them. This song has been coming up on my For You Page as part of a trend that shows the distance between people who live far apart which is so cute and it made me want to get in Coldplay again. If you haven’t listened to it, please do yourself a favor and listen to it and add it to your good vibes playlist immediately!

“just a cloud away” by pharrell Williams

As a child, I watched the “Despicable Me” movie franchise but never did I ever pay attention to the soundtrack. As a 20-year-old, hearing this amazing song on my For You Page and finding out it was from “Despicable Me 2” was such a shock but I’m not complaining.

This song just elicits good vibes and it makes me so happy when I hear it. The reason why this song is trending right now is because of the trend on TikTok where people are talking about how they met their significant others, which is very sweet and not at all cringey. I’m kidding it is actually sweet and I enjoy the song that came out of the trend, so please add it to your playlists for a good time.

“big girls don’t cry (personal)” by fergie

Out of all of the songs on this album, this one is probably the most heartfelt which makes it even more iconic that it’s trending on TikTok right now. I don’t know what trend this song is associated with, but I hear this song all the time and I love it.

Fergie is so vulnerable and I like how the title even includes “personal” so you know it is right from the heart. While I know most of you have probably heard this song, if you haven’t you should listen to the full version and add it to your playlist.

While there are probably thousands of songs I am missing, these five are my favorite and the ones I have heard the most on my For You Page recently. I hope you all enjoy them and happy listening, collegiettes!

Reese Bernstein is a senior at Penn State majoring in Psychology with a focus in business. She is from "right outside" of DC in Northern Virginia. Along with writing for Her Campus, Reese is a member of a sorority and occasionally goes to the gym when feeling motivated.