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Taylor Mitcham: Founder of Simple Car Wash

Year:  Senior

Major:  Mining Engineering

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA


HC: You don’t hear about too many college students starting their own business before they graduate, what inspired you to take on such an endeavor?  

TM: Well, I had the right resources and right people around me for support. I also realized that I have nothing to lose because no one depends on me for monetary support…i.e. no kids. Haha.  


HC: What would you say your biggest challenge has been thus far?  

TM: My biggest challenge has been getting people to believe in waterless car wash product and process. There are a lot of misconceptions about it, like that it will scratch your car or that it doesn’t get it as clean as a traditional wash, but this is just not true.  


HC: What’s one goal you hope to accomplish for the future?  

TM: Get my MBA and start another. 


HC: We hear you’re a Rules and Regulations Captain for THON 2015 – How do you manage to balance your school life, THON involvement and owning your own business?  

TM: I keep a color-coded Google calendar and keep my priorities in check with school being #1. I also have some staff members that help with the basic logistics of the business. 


HC: Can you tell us more about your 1 for 100 Donation Program?  

TM: A typical car wash wastes between 30-100 gallons of water.  For every 100 gallons of water we save, we are donating $1 to a local charity.  


HC: What would you say to other students hoping to start their own business one day?  

TM: There’s no time like the present. While you’re a student, you really don’t have much to lose. There are also a lot of free resources available to you as a student like the Small Business Development Center. 


HC: Anything else you’d like us to know about Simple Car Wash?  

TM: Nothing in particular…

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