Talk It Like You Text It

We live in an abbreviated world. Everyone is trying to save time, and this can mean communicating faster because we’re always on our phones. Some people choose to call instead of text (if you’re one of ~those~ people) or shorten words when they do text.

Everyone's had someone text “probs” instead of "probably," “idk” instead of "I don’t know," or “rn” instead of "right now." Although I don’t know how much time it actually saves us, it sometimes feels faster to use acronyms.

Maybe it’s just me, but I've realized I say these acronyms out loud. I’ve caught myself saying “probs”, even saying “plz” instead of "please." After I say it I think, who have I become?

Why do we verbally abbreviate words just because they take longer to say? Could it be because we're on our phones so much that the vocabulary we use there just transfers to when we communicate verbally?

As technology keeps developing and edging its way into our lives, I’m sure our daily interactions are bound to change more and more. Anyway, technology and our habits while using it are making their way into our everyday life and I just wanted everyone to know.